PS Vita, iPhone & 3DS Hardware And Tech Analysis

NowGamer - We pit Sony’s PS Vita, Apple’s iPhone and Nintendo’s 3DS against each other, to find out how the hardware of all three compare.

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the website who last week claimed ios and iphone are best in the world better than android,yet ios cannot ..bluetooth to other phones,use sd cards or play flash or use widgets

also nowgamer said vitas biggest downfall is you cannot just drag and drop software everything has to go through a certain program..yet ios whichh they claimed was best is exactly the same as you cannot just drag and drop everything has to go through itunes even to the extent you have to convert videos through itunes before placing it on my iphone

i dont even need to read their article to know they will be gushing over iphone

nowgamer is biased trash

GamersRulz2230d ago

they pretty much praised the Vita in this article.


ill trust anything nowgamer have to say?

without even reading the article i bet iphone which aint even a gaming device gets more praise

Fishy Fingers2229d ago

You seem to be moaning for moaning sake. Why not stick to sites you prefer or perhaps have a bias towards. Clearly your no iPhone fan either, are you bias towards android maybe. That of course is your choice.

But when you whine about "teh bias" yet display your own and won't even justify your complaints without even reading the article then well, your just as bad no?

PixL2229d ago

@Fishy Fingers: He justified his denial of this site - unfair comparison rules. Sounds very reasonable for me. It seems you have a problem because his opinion differs from yours.

Thanks Lord-Phoenix for warning me about nowgamer.

Fishy Fingers2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

LOL.. Of course, I forgot, as the Iphone is also a phone, its unfair to compare them right? Because the iphone doesnt play games, or poss a viable source of income from game developers. Right?

My point isnt even the comparison, its the fact that some is displaying their own bias in complaining about a site they find bias. I guess the irony is lost on you eh.

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groupama32229d ago

the Vita gets quite a lot of praise for once! pretty good article, seemed pretty fair

MasterCornholio2229d ago

The Vita got a lot of praise and it seems like out of the 3 it's the best for gaming. However I didn't like the fact that they bashed the heck out if the 3DS in relation to its screen quality. They complained that the 3DS has a horrible low resolution screen while that maybe true it isn't as bad as they claim it to be.


kneon2229d ago

If you look at the 3DS screen by itself it may not seem so bad, but when you look at it side by side with pretty much any modern device the screen looks quite archaic.

Half-Mafia2229d ago

Looks like im going to get the best of both world. I have an iPhone 4S and soon a Vita.