Kinect on PC: more expensive, less useful, still exciting

PC Gamer - Microsoft unveiled a PC version of their motion-sensing, voice activated, mind-reading Kinect camera at CES recently. It’ll be out on February 1, which is exciting. The price tag is a bit problematic, however. It’ll retail for $250, $100 more than it does on Xbox.

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PixL2345d ago

"On the Microsoft blog, Kinect for Windows general manager Craig Eisler suggests that Kinect PC isn’t expensive, it’s the Xbox 360 version that’s cheap"

This made me laugh. I wonder if they're really believing things they're saying or just make idiots of themselves for money.

GamersRulz2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

MS wants me to believe that Kinect costs as much as Vita ? that's a complete BS.

Think of it guys, 250$ for a camera sensor ?! and yet we have people argue that PSV is so expensive ?! what's wrong with people ?

I gave up......I really gave up on humanity.

LightofDarkness2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

The price of Kinect on Xbox 360 is part-subsidized by Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, like quite a few things on the platform. $250 is the ACTUAL price, minus any help from gold subscribers and plus the development kit. More to that, you are granted a license to use Kinect commercially when you buy it for PC, so that can account for a large part of that cost too.

I still think it's too expensive and practically useless to me, but it's not as black and white as many make it out to be.

ATi_Elite2345d ago

I've seen $60 Webcams that can do the same stuff as Kinect!

lelo2play2345d ago

Kinect for 250$ !!!! ... Somebody better offer a Blo*job with it.

EasilyTheBest2344d ago

Lets all stop buying things. As all these different companys out there making profits on things they sell, its disgusting.

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AfricanWoolf2345d ago

More expensive, less useful, still not exciting.

If you buy Kinect for pc you're directly supporting the shit way microsoft treat pc users. Might be harsh but i believe its true.

closnyc2345d ago

lets not even forget the fact tah kinect costs 56 dollars to make and theyre selling it at 150 for xbox and 250 for pc. This is gonna flop and then theyre gonna blame it on pc saying its not profitable, just another excuse to not bring games to pc. At least, am hopeful they will kill gfwl with this.

GamersRulz2345d ago

it USED to cost 56$ at launch, now they are like 10$ or less each, that's a complete rip off.

NukaCola2345d ago

I agree the price is a sham but pc accessability is great. The best stuff for kinect came from the pc mod community. I wouldnt buy this at that price. Especially if its not even an improved verion.

Play2Win2345d ago

I would never get this for my PC.

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