Game Informer - Tanking for Dummies

Game Informer - Tanks. Yes, the annoying hunks of metal rolling around Battlefield 3. We love them, and hate them. I will attempt to show you how to hate them less, and love them more.

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birdykilla2284d ago

How can I as infantry take down flying objects a little easier? I've tried to and I can hardly get a shot to hit even though it's locked on. All the jet or heli does is use flares. Also I've tried waiting for the flares to go off, but sometimes the jet or heli will wait to. If they don't wait I can lock on again and usually I'll get a hit, but then it takes another hit or two to take it down. By then I'm getting killed by something else like infantry, tank, another jet or heli. I know what I'm suppose to do it just doesn't work. I'm tired of getting harassed by flying objects.

PhantomT14122284d ago

Stinger with another teammate and get your timing right.

Rob Hornecker2284d ago

As Phantom said " timing" is important. There will be other players on your side getting harassed by the same copter or jet more than likely they have launched a stinger at it. Time your shot to send right after you see the flares dissolve,then fire your stinger or guided shell at them. It takes a short time for them to reload the flares. Persistance is the key!

birdykilla2284d ago

Oh and a javelin will lock on to enemy flying UAV, but will not connect at all and we only get two javelin shells WTF!

PhantomT14122284d ago

SOFLAM + Javelin = one hit kill for helis

Rob Hornecker2284d ago

Although this is a very brief "Tanks for dummies" guide,it does offer some good info. To those new to the game,watch for higher level players on your squad! They should have alot of upgrades already the 3rd seat.Make sure 1 of you is a engineer with the repair tool.

If you do get into a tank as a top machine gunner scan your 360 often as there are some players that LOVE to use c4 to deal with you! If your in the 3rd seat and have the infrared opened up ,use it often and lock onto EVERYTHING including the jets! If your driver has the guided rounds opened up,the jets can be locked on and taken down.

No mater what your position in the tank is everyone in it can SPOT and target the bad guys and if another team member has a javelin they can lock on and bye bye jet! Oh and communication is a VERY big part of your success in the tank, So mic up and and I will see you on the battlefield!