Here’s Your Borderlands 2 Lilith Model, in the Flesh

Kotaku - Gearbox's long and no-doubt exhaustive search for an attractive young woman who looks like an attractive video game woman is over.

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BillytheAlien2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

Shame we won't get to play her.....thanks Gearbox for the new characters nobody asked for

Am I the only one who wanted to have the option of transfering my character save over to Borderlands 2.

Hopefully the DLC that will come out will be about the vault hunters and we'll get to play them....maybe leading up to a cliffhanger that will set up the events of Borderlands 3. The odd games we play the vaults hunters, then the even games we'll play new one off characters....I think it could work

Trainz2227d ago

Hahaha that's so retarded.

soundslike2227d ago

I think its better this way because its a first person game so if you're playing as Lilith you can hardly tell outside of a few cues.

That said, I'd agree to keep the same characters as the first IF the game went third person, or added a third person mode.

Relientk772227d ago

The siren was my fav character from Borderlands, I'm glad a siren is gonna be playable in the sequel though, even if its not Lilith

Christopher2227d ago

I didn't care for her on the console version, but she was easier to control and play on the PC.

LoneWolf0192227d ago

ah Lilith how I love you, I just hope they keep your voice from 1 and the new siren is hot and not going to be ugly.