Make Skyrim Play Like Real Life with Realism Mods

GameSpy - Skyrim is a fantasy world of magical lore and devastating mythical beasts -- but that doesn't mean it can't be realistic. For gamers who prefer their adventures as believable as possible, I've gathered up a collection of awesome mods that make Skyrim feel a little more like reality, including true-to-life physics, making eating chicken and naptime relevant, and a reason to close your bedroom door tightly while changing clothes, away from Lydia's peeping eyes.

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Valenka2251d ago

LOL a nudity mod? How exciting.

h311rais3r2251d ago

well it does make sense. You do after all strip people of what they are wearing during a looting. its a medieval game...we all know they didnt really wear under wear...

h311rais3r2251d ago

I only have it installed cuz it improves the models 7 fold. And who cares if a model is naked. We have those parts too. People need to stop being so close minded. It's not like we use the models as spank bank material. Well I don't anyway................

xVeZx2251d ago

the super hardcore mode