Secret ending in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is shocking

Director Tetsuya Nomura comments on the endings in Kingdom Hearts 3D and how it ties into the next game(s).

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DA_SHREDDER2343d ago

The last good KH gane was part 2. These spin offs on handhelds are nothing but abominations

jacksonmichael2343d ago

... Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble!

For those who don't know why I just said that, here ya go.

KeybladeMaster2343d ago

Really? I thought Birth by Sleep was an amazing game and actually explained a lot of why everything happened the way it did in KH1. Also I thought BbS's battle system was the best of the series. If Square was smart they would let the Birth by Sleep team start on the pre-production of Kingdom Hearts 3 so that way when Nomura and his team are done with Versus XIII his team can help with the rest of KH3's development. If only I was CEO of Square Enix.

WildArmed2342d ago

Agreed, I actually got INTO the KH series because of BBS.

I've owned KH1 / KH2 since their release date. But never finished them, but after loving (and completing the game 100%) KH:BBS. I went back and started playing KH1. It's still a work in progress, but I'll finish 'em XD

(or a HD remake...? lol)

rezzah2342d ago

Birth By Sleep was the only KH that felt like a true successor to the style of gameplay and story telling of KH 1 and 2.

I even thought fights where better than 2 in which you didn't have to continually press "triangle" for easy wins.

ReservoirDog3162342d ago

Play BBS before you say something like that. Not only was the story really touching but the combat was easily the best of the series. And it was actually challenging! By the second boss battle, you had* to be smart and use everything you had to survive.

Is easily one of the best games on the PSP and does not* get the credit it deserves.

trenso12341d ago

are you serious? Nomura said himself that bbs was just as important and is more like kh 0. it was cannon and very important to the story answering a lot questions of the first members of organization 13. showing how the trio got the power to wield a keyblade. and how xehenort became to be. the only one i can was an abomination was coded seeing as the secret ending was the only important part of that game. but 358/2 days had a good story filling in roxas' time in the organization. and CoM was far from an abomination since its shows the demise of a good portion of organization 13 and ties into 358/2 days. those games are far from abominations

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ChiVoLok02342d ago

Never played any of these games but hopefully Spongebob got killed at the ending.

VegaShinra2342d ago


Interesting that the original ending wasn't allowed....

Arnagrim2342d ago

I'd be shocked if the secret ending had something to do with Kingdom Hearts 3 and not something hinting at another spin off.

rezzah2342d ago

I doubt it would for another spin off as this game is said to lead directly into KH3.

In the purpose of this game is for Riku and Sora (possibly Kairi) to become KeyBlade Masters.

This of course will gain them the power to stop the true villain(s) (the [s] is for a possible other who is based on gut feeling).

This KH game is the second to last piece of the puzzle.

IF for any reason there might be another game, then it will be a sequel. Maybe of the younger days of Tera and the girl (forgot her name).

Darth Stewie2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Nope Square said they won't make KH3 until after FFvs13. The team that is making FFvs 13 is the main KH team. The probably is the team making
FFvs13 is also making FF10 HD for PS3/Vita. So after Dream Drop Distance you should expect another spinoff sadly.

The one thing I hate about Square and the KH series is the fact that you gotta buy different systems just play all the KH games.
Kingdom Hearts 1 &2 (PS2)
Chain of Memories* (GBA) Later rereleased for PS2*
Coded & 358/2 Days(DS)
Birth by Sleep (PSP)
Dream Drop Distance(3DS)

KeybladeMaster2342d ago

I can't see why this game couldn't be on the Vita. Everything this game can do on the 3DS can be done on the Vita. Why can't they make it for both?

Arnagrim2342d ago

@Keyblade Master-
Because like Capcom with Monster Hunter; SquareEnix has forgotten where the majority of their franchises' fan base is.

Ezetta2342d ago

Wow, can't wait! But please, release Birth By Sleep on PSN!!

trenso12341d ago

i think the issue with bbs not being on psn was because of disney

LAWSON722342d ago

Sounds good but I want a HD collection