Metal Gear Rising Goes Playable at E3

Andriasang: Is it too early to start talking about E3? Hideo Kojima doesn't seem to think so! In a special feature in this week's Famitsu, Kojima reveals that Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, now being developed by Platinum Games, will be playable at at the June trade show

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Titanz2343d ago

It might be the title needed to attract core gamers to Sony's motion controlled device.

ZBlacktt2343d ago

Hach slash, hack slash, slash and hack hope you enjoyed the demo.

Deadpool6162342d ago

I've been waiting to see what the combine forces of Konami and Platinum produce. I hope all the effort they put into resuscitating this game is made into something worthwhile.

Ghost2502342d ago

the original concept was actually very interesting, but this newer version is just lackluster. i would rather they would have canceled it and poured their resources into a true Metal Gear game.

Dowie2342d ago

100% agree.

The new concept just looks generic. The first time I saw it at E3 all that time back it looked awesome, I was so excited for it...i'm so dissapointed at what we're getting now.