TLR: Star Trek Online F2P (Pissed Off) Review

Amir of TLR Writes "For a game that runs on a computer the graphics are kinda 2004. The player could traverse over 40 different worlds and the only thing that changes is the color of the dirt."

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NYC_Gamer2251d ago

free doesn't always mean good

bacrec12251d ago

Yep. I'll stick with DCU.

Christopher2250d ago

What a piss poor review. Cgoodno out.

Ravenor2250d ago

Cgoodno, your comment is kinda 2004. Much like the quality of STO's visuals.

Christopher2250d ago

No love for cgoodno who does not share the love to fans.

Honestly, he goes into nothing of the story, abilities, controls, etc. It's just "It’s a sad attempt to turn into a 3rd person shooter with glitchy graphics."

Heck, I could say more in a review about a 2-hour PSN/XBL game than the writer did about this MMO in his review.

Ravenor2250d ago

I was just commenting on how juvenile his critique of the visuals were in the first place, especially when it seemed to be such a big part of his "review".

You could probably write a deeper review with Yaris or Dash of Destruction.