Mass Effect 3 Demo coming in February 14th on Xbox LIVE

DSOGaming writes: "It’s really funny but BioWare has cleverly revealed something that most Mass Effect 3 fans have been waiting for. Our beloved company released today a Kinect video for Mass Effect 3, in which they reveal that Mass Effect 3′s demo will hit Xbox Live in February 14th. In other words, it is coming in a month or – if you like – in the very same day that Dear Esther is slated for release."

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_Aarix_2196d ago

Happy Valentine's Day to me

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Vortex3D2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

The common issue with voice command is always giving commands too quickly one after another and not able to speak each command clearly.

Using Kinect for its general voice commands, it doesn't work very well if I do that.

Watching voice commands using Kinect, every demo show the player does not giving voice command too quickly.

On games, when the battle heats up, you often issue commands on the controller quickly one after another. Example, I'll give Shepard: Overload, Liara: Singularity and Garrus: Concussive Shot. With controller I can issue all them in 1-2 seconds. Can that be done so quickly with voice command accurately?

When you press a button on the controller, you know the right command has been issued or change the command before executing. With voice command, you don't know if Kinect heard you correct and may execute a wrong command or not do anything.

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Vortex3D2196d ago

Those who disagree, do you think voice command can do it as quick as my example with controller?

Bigpappy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I am sure they will display the result on screen for feedback.

I will let you know how well it works after I play the demo (if it is even in the demo).

Vortex3D2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

When the demo comes out, we'll see. Unless Kinect voice command really works, I'll probably get ME3 on PS3.

I love executing 3 characters attacks at the same time because any enemies that are still alive can easily be finished off with a few shots. The advantage of freezing the screen before executing the commands is look at the condition, plan ie. type of enemy, what shield does it have and best attack to take it down and execute the commands to attack. It's more effective then throwing commands in real time all the time because you don't have the time to properly analyze the enemies.

Disccordia2196d ago

Why would you play it on ps3 if you also have a 360 or pc?? You'll miss out on so many little subtle things because you miss out on the first game.

49erguy2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Damn, I was hoping it'd be January. Either way, I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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