Bah Humbug: December 2011 NPD Monthly Videogame Sales Numbers and Analysis

December sales disappoint industry observers and retailers alike with startling declines across the board as NPD reports the full videogame sales figures for December 2011.

Full sales analysis and colorful commentary by John "Black Luigi" Lucas.

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SleazyChimp2285d ago

Agreed. Its hard to buy a console for some one as a gift if they already have one. I don't really know what people expect, the Xbox is going on it's 7th year and Ps3 is on its 6th year. I know that these console makers wish the 10yr life would work, but it seems sales are saying different. What do you think these numbers would look like 3-4 years from now if they wait that long for the next gen. I think we'll see new systems much sooner than most people think.

johnlucas2285d ago

I think that while a full 10 years may have been a stretch, it's not so impossible to see the 5-year rule be left behind.

The only reason the 5-year rule started was NOT because of technological advancement but REALLY because of new incoming competitors. New competition forced the one-upsmanship through technology so they could beat the newbie at their own game.

Nintendo was not looking forward to moving on from their Famicom/NES too soon. But new competitor NEC came out with the PC Engine/Turbo-Grafx 16 & Nintendo had to answer it. On top of that Sega was hungry for respect & moved on from the Mark III/Master System to make the Mega Drive/Genesis.

So Nintendo worked with Sony to make that Play Station project for their answer, the Super Famicom/SNES. Remember Nintendo was the LAST to the 4th gen because of so much tied up in the Famicom/NES (which was still holding off the Genesis in the beginning).

As soon as Nintendo got the Super Famicom/SNES in the race, Sega's making CD systems, Atari's showing up with Jaguars, SNK's putting out expensive but cool systems called Neo-Geo, Trip Hawkins is trying to get his revenge through the multimedia 3DO. And after the breakdown between Sony & Nintendo, Sony's taking that PlayStation project for their own.

Nintendo had to jump to the "Ultra 64" because of so many competitors & so many developments (Sega saw them too & made a Saturn through their schizophrenic productions). They were talking about "Project Reality" (Nintendo 64's original code name) only 2 years after the SNES was in the U.S. market (1991 to 1993). In 1993, Nintendo was still putting out games for the NES for goodness sake!

After all the would-be 5th gen competitors burnt out, here comes Microsoft talking about XBoxes. Nintendo had to move on again to the 6th gen with Gamecube to first reclaim their lost home console throne from Sony & second to keep up with the incoming competition.

Nintendo's move to the 7th gen with Wii was because Gamecube couldn't reclaim throne. They didn't have to move on so quickly once they got their throne back. Microsoft & Sony will find it hard to make the 8th gen transition, trust me. Wii killed the graphics argument so more power isn't the answer. Yet Microsoft's & Sony's "Wii-like" moves aren't doing the job either.

5-year home console cycles are unnecessary. The only reason Nintendo's doing this is because of Apple. Another new incoming competitor. One that doesn't seem like a direct competitor to most players' eyes. They're the biggest competitor yet. Probably Nintendo's last.
John Lucas

hazardman2285d ago

I was at my local Gamestop today, and they said its been real slow. I said cause everyones playing Skyrim, fucking game is like CRACK. Traded mine in I could've sworn I was having withdrawals. Not that I know, but POOKIE couldn't let go so....... I do believe things start picking back up nxt couple months with the new releases. Good Gaming!

Clarence2284d ago

PS3 only plays second fiddle to the 360 in NA. The PS3 is dominates in Japan and Europe. Thats the facts.

Not to mention the PS3 came out a year later yet it has just about caught up with the 360.

Last year everyone was surprised how close the PS3 was to the 360. The PS3 is a lot closer than most would think.