Tetsuya Nomura talks Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Director Tetsuya Nomura says that Square Enix will show Versus XIII running on the PlayStation 3 next time and more.

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KeybladeMaster2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )


I don't blame Nomura for not being able to talk more about Versus XIII, but I wish Square would let him talk more about the game. It honestly won't hurt XIII-2's marketing if he says "We will share more info and a release date about Versus XIII on XX/XX/2012". Of course Square Enix doesn't see things like that so whatever.

Edit: From Famitsu:

"As for when we’d next see the title, Nomura says that while an event has not yet been scheduled (they’re still working out details), the next time we see the game, it will be running on an actual PS3"

Well all I have is this to say, COME ON SQUARE!!! Get the details together and show the damn game. I think the fans at the very least deserve that.

Outside_ofthe_Box2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

That's probably it. They know that things are a bit on the gloom side with 13-2 so they don't want to do anything that could potentially hurt 13-2's sales or take attention away from 13-2.

I really hope that we will hear a wealth of information on VS13 come february or march.

FACTUAL evidence2285d ago

Running on the ps3!? Well of course what else would it run o.....oh....I see.

wicko2285d ago

They've probably been running it on PC

ApplEaglElephant2285d ago

all the previous footage were from PC... cause you know... the games are being developed on PC. duh

KeybladeMaster2285d ago

I looked at the site where got their source and on the Japanese site translated by google it says this: "Recently, the check was drawn towards the release date. The expressive power is up significantly from last year's trailer."

Does anyone speak Japanese. Does this mean that they already have an internal release date and they will announce it the next time we see Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

zerocrossing2285d ago

Without seeing the original text I can ony guess, but yes it sounds like they have a date in mind but have not announced it, or at the very least are letting people know its drawing closer.

The_Devil_Hunter2285d ago

Stop yapping and start releasing dammit.
I have a feeling my grandchildren will hear about this fairy tale of a game.

akechi_mitsuhide2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

13 was a fail. I love final fantasy, but i just could not complete it it was just to boring. Then to make 13-2, is just a waste. You guys remember xenogears? Ff6? Those games where more "mature". I don't blame my wife for laughing at me for the corny voice acting, and embarrassingly enthusiastic characters who sing Pop songs, always coupled with an ever insecure protagonist. I hope this ff doesnt insult my intelligence.

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BillytheAlien2286d ago

I really hoped they would at least give it a name change

Call it Final Fantasy 15 and I might of forgive them for how long it's taking

I know people think "Oh it shouldn't be FF15 because it plays like KH....its too differen't" whats FF13s excuse, that certainly didn't play like a traidtional FF game. I would pick the battle system from Versus over FF13s Paradigm Shift anyday to use in the future of FF. Unless they went back to turn base...all they really need to do is make it more fast paced to keep people active throughout the battle....just so people don't get bored. Look at Lost Odyssey and it's ring system (basicaly an improvment system from FF8 with Squalls gunblade trigger)

Rainstorm812285d ago

I agree they need to separate this title from FF13 especially if it plays nothing like it.

IM just hoping we all end up with a memorable experience like Kingdom Hearts........and not a forgettable one like The Bouncer

RBLAZE19882285d ago

I think calling it final fantasy versus 13 is perfect. It's gonna be everything opposite of ff13. Therefore it'll actually be a good ff game and go mostly back to its roots. (Mostly because it has action battle system instead of turn based)

C L O U D2285d ago

The Bouncer!

The 1999 Trailer hyped me so much

Truerandom2285d ago

Call it Final Fantasy Versus, problem solved.

Epedemic2285d ago

The next duke nukem forever... how many years has it been since they announced this thing? 6?

Slade2285d ago

release date will be holiday 2012 in japan

it will be shown at tgs or e3

haters suck it

colonel1792285d ago

Maybe if they show the game before April, they could release the game in Japan for Christmas, and have a US/Europe release during Q1 2013.

Whatever it is, by the time this game comes out, the PS4 and/or the Xbox 3 will be already announced, and the relevance of the game will be severely lowered. When it was announced, everyone was excited because of the potential in graphics and tech it had, but if they star showing tech demos, or games for next gen consoles before this comes out, it won't impress as much as it should have, had it realized 2 years ago..

Square Enix is making very poor decisions regarding Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hears this generation. It's like they are 100% focused on the western market, not realizing that it will bite them in the ass in the long run.

Only solution: Get rid of Wada (for the millionth time, and i think everybody thinks the same, but the people of SE)

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