Kill The Fan Rage, Give DMC The Benefit Of The Doubt

Why is everyone freaking out over the new Devil May Cry in the works at Ninja Theory? A lot of the hate seems to be unfounded.

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BillytheAlien2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Why should we, it's obvious NT don't respect this once great franchise. Everytime they or even Capcom open their mouths they just make it worse for themselfs. It's obvious with them keep changing the reasons why the game is the way it is that they don't have much faith in it themselfs, other times they come out with some complete BS about it like their in denial how bad the game looks to us DMC fans but to them it's like "We don't care, we just want your money"

The hate is justified, there are a lot of reasons why the game is bad and why people are p*ssed off....and it's not just about the looks or hair colour as most non DMC fans who think everyone are whinners try and point out.

NT should of stuck with Sony and made Heavenly Sword 2 and Capcom should of done DMC5 themselfs or give it to Platinum Games

-Mika-2197d ago

You should. Most of the new dmc hate comes from the new character design. I bet if capcom left dante alone and released the new gameplay trailers we have now. You guys would have loved it....

You know what you guys probably still would of hated it because ninja theory is developing it. I really can't stand fans of videogames franchises because you guys complain so much over the tiniest of things. Like everytime game developers tries something new. They get a bunch of hate. You guys need to a bit more open minded instead of writing off the game because it different.

Kur02197d ago

How many times does this have to be repeated, the look isn't the only damn problem. The game runs at 30fps and the combat looks pretty average compared to previous DMCs. The lack of stylish and points is another problem.

StifflerK2196d ago

You said " there are lot's of reasons why the game is bad".......

........ such as?

Have you played it?
Do you know anything about the game in detail to make a fair comparison ???

Then why the hate?

zeal0us2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

Some fans feel betrayed, is partly why there is hate.

Character design isn't the same Dante they remember

Game is being developed by Ninja Theory rather than studio/people familiar with the game like Platinum Games.

Can this really be called a reboot when almost everything seem completely different.

Imagine Mortal Kombat 9 (Reboot) with a completely different story, none of the characters look the same and now being developed by Maxis(people that make The Sims).

You know how many people would be piss? A lot
I got over it/let go all rage a long time ago. I just hope Ninja Theory do a good job.

Pozzle2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

I might have been willing to give it a chance if the developer didn't insult the original designer (by calling Devil May Cry and Dante "ridiculous"), claim DmC is going to "save" the series, and blame gamers for their previous games not selling well.

...that, and I'm not interested in the plot or gameplay. So why would I spend my hard-earned money on a game that doesn't look interesting to me?

jc485732197d ago

this kinda reminds of the teen boy that just got beaten by 8 other kids in Chicago.