Square Enix's 1st Production Department team is working on Final Fantasy X for PS3/Vita

Tetsuya Nomura shares new tidbit on Final Fantasy X for PS3/Vita.

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BillytheAlien2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Isn't that the same team working on Versus....if it is, way too slow down Versus development even more UNLESS it means Versus development is almost finished.

KeybladeMaster2377d ago

Right. I have an idea. Finish Versus XIII first and then start working on other projects. XIII and XIII-2 got the full attention of the entire development team and finished them. Why can't they do the same for Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Pozzle2377d ago

I hope not. Can't they just focus on FFvsXIII first THEN worry about other projects? This is getting ridiculous!

Godmars2902377d ago

What else do you expect from Square at this point but statements which make them look bad once you have a moment to think about them.

Rainstorm812377d ago

OMG i was hoping for both these titles this year.... Now that looks unlikely

Godmars2902377d ago

Mind you, this could also mean that they've been sitting on the completed Versus all this time waiting to see how 13 and 13-2 sell.

RedDead2376d ago

Not exactly, that team is a large team....Not everyone on it is working on versus, just like not everyone on it was working on XIII and Xiii-2. X is probabably gonna be like Versus's development. It has a lot less to do as well, it's just getting a graphical upgrade and sounds(maybe) Story, design and gameplay is done already

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KeybladeMaster2377d ago

If Nomura is helping than I am sure it is in very capable hands. But still finish Versus XIII first than we will talk Final Fantasy X and future Kingdom Hearts games.

akechi_mitsuhide2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

How about a remake of a final fantasy that doesn't include a pubertic sexually confused teenage protagonist? I have played ff1 on nes down to 13, and anyone of respectableo pinion KNOWS 6 is the best, or maybe 7. To remake 10 is a slap in the face. I'd rather put my di** in a meat grinder, than hear tidus crying for 45 hours.

Megaman_nerd2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

it sounds kind of offensive but I agree. I didn't like FFX that much either. Never liked how Tidus looked like and he was annoying as heck but Wakka was even worse.

I liked Auron and Lulu but they both felt so out of place. Story and antagonist weren't that good either. The ending was shocking though....

Run_bare2376d ago

hahaha.. soo true.. but i still like FF X.

Da One2377d ago

Nomura team is a different team...

LightofDarkness2377d ago

Yes, but they can't complete a game the size of a current gen Final Fantasy title on their own. The 1st Production Team is like a rocket booster, once the design and everything else is nailed down, these guys come in and start creating the content.

Megaman_nerd2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I don't know why you have disagrees, what you said it's the truth. People around here are so misinformed and then they try to argue and say that they are fans of this and that when they don't even know simple facts like this.

DarkBlood2377d ago

i would like a release date for FF10 HD

Slade2377d ago

all these versus whiny babies..............

The game is in EARLY STAGES............

versus is rumored to be getting released this year during the holidays, so its very deep in dev.

Outside_ofthe_Box2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

You're just upset that your beloved FF13 and FF13-2 gets no love from the majority of the fans.

The funny thing is you'll be drooling over versus 13 (despite you complaining about people complaining about FFvs13 taking too long to release) when you finally get the game in your hands which would ironically make you a 'drooling baby.' :D

Slade2377d ago Show
Outside_ofthe_Box2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

lol what?

I honestly don't know anyone in real life that liked 13. It's only on the internet that I see peeps like you defend it as if you want every FF game after 13 to play like it because it's "soooo great."

How does an average score of 84 indicate that the fans liked the game? That score only reflects what critics "objectively" think the quality of the game is.

~*"I wont jump up and down and I wont hate"*~

Why you lie?
Isn't the statement below hating on versus 13 hopefuls lol?

~*"all these versus whiny babies.............."*~

Slade2377d ago

I know 5 million people that liekd 13. Not hating trolls.

Its only the internet that people hate and troll it. The only place. EVeryone else liked it.

84 reflects it was a solid game.

Razongunz2377d ago

i really liked 13, it is atm my fav game of all time history/graphics wise..but 13 ws also my first FF game so i can't really judge it to be a good or bad FF game, all i know.. i liked it and that why i look forward to 13-2.. but yes after so many ppl saying FF 7 and 10 rocks i belive that they where awesome in their life-span looking forward to versus 13 and 10 to actually see how other FF games are and ofc looking forward to see a continiued story of 13.. i remembered when i got it at launch and finished it.. i was like OMG his needs a sequel..i was begging for a sequel lol i got so hyped when i saw that a 13-2 was in the works, anyway... 13 was my first FF game..and its my fav game atm..havent played any other FF game..and i'm a graphix whore so i guess thats why i loved 13 so much xD

Outside_ofthe_Box2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )


That is understandable since it's your first FF.

akechi_mitsuhide2376d ago

Hey slade go wack off to tidus complaining. You have to be like 18 yrs old to get that mad for a joke. Take a chill pill. "The game is in EARLY STAGES............" Wow! You figured that out yourself? -_- Inspector dumbass

Run_bare2376d ago

You probably right, but you can't ignore the fact that Square-Enix is really milking the FF Franchise without listening to their fans.

FF Versus XIII been in development for 6 years.

Outside_ofthe_Box2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

How do you know 5 million people that liked it?
Please don't tell me that you got the number from sales as I and many others bought the game and did not like it.

And since when is not liking a game trolling?

Don't get all upset because you are in the minority when it comes to those that liked FF13 jeez.

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