Alienware Announces Console-Sized Gaming PC

New X51 desktop offers performance specs at a low price and in a small form factor.

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zeal0us2196d ago

hmmm $699... you could your own rig and save yourself some money.

decrypt2196d ago

At 699usd thats too costly, could make a PC with much better specs at 500usd. Alienware always is a ripoff.

soundslike2196d ago

at least it isn't overpriced by a grand per usual

"at least"

kevnb2195d ago

they dont usually overprice by a grand, check out anything they offer and try to build it for a grand less... Anyway, this costs more because of form factor. Its not for everyone, and I bet v2 will be much better.

jeeves862196d ago

Although they claim differently, that doesn't look like it's very...upgrade-friendly. $700 is pretty steep for that.

GodKing13372196d ago

Just what we all need + steam

hiredhelp2195d ago

You paying bit extra for the name.

Bladesfist2195d ago

I think the majority of the cost is the name

kevnb2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

naw, its the r&d/ form factor. Just look at the price of an ipad and compare it to a laptop. Now its fair if this isnt what you want, but dont be ignorant. this is 699 for an htpc sized machine thats actually powerful enough to play games, in that market space this is unmatched.

Bladesfist2195d ago

oh yay my money is going into research and development, thats great. Or i could buy something a lot better for the same price

Bladesfist2195d ago

30fps with a controller feels smoothish but with a mouse its horrible so 1080p /30fps for $699 is a pretty bad deal

specialguest2195d ago

The $699 price is for the entry level model which has "meh" specs. Nothing special or future proof. Don't expect to play games like BF3 at 60fps on high settings.

It's probably best to build your own rig with better specs at around the same cost.

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