Playing Vs. Learning in Games

An in depth look at the various ways developers can properly teach a player how to play their game. Instead of forcing the player to sit through massive book worth dialog on how to play.

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xxxAnubisxxx2229d ago

this is true... i hate when early game tutorials are soooo boring, that it ruins the first hour of the game. people aren't idiots!!! we'll figure it out

brown0092229d ago

True. Tutorials are ridiculous sometimes...or most of the time. And don't teach a whole lot of things.

PrisonedBeast2229d ago

I hate the tutorials in most games. They need to figure out a way to mainstream it.

DBLDeathDealer2229d ago

Yeah, I just played a game the other day that had great instructions....oh, Orcs Must Die. Simple and Easy to understand.


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