Gamerevolution: Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

So for Electronic Arts and Bioware to enter this competitive sector, they've got to have something pretty special in their hands. In this instance, they've got Star Wars on their side. Lightsabers, force powers, bounty hunters, and an entire galaxy of licensing combine with the leveling, grinding, questing, and looting to bring you Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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Trenta272131d ago

I disagree with you and I'm not even a PC person. I'm a console man all the way.

Tokyo_reject2131d ago

Your probably the worst reviewer i think i've ever read, i've never used this sentence/saying before but ....hope you kept your day job

h311rais3r2131d ago

It's definitely not a 3.5...I'm loving it. Hooked. Atleast a 4 for me