GameStop reveals price for Ninja Gaiden 3 Collector’s Edition

GameStop has revealed the price for their exclusive collector’s edition of the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 action-adventurer title, Ninja Gaiden 3.

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banjadude2342d ago

"The retail has priced the premium version of the action game at $99.99, $40 more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $59.99."

Excuse my blatant ignorance, but can they really do that?

Swiggins2342d ago

Unfortunately so.

The suggested retail price is just that, suggested, they can charge whatever they damn well please for it.

Fucking Gamestop, how does it work?!

banjadude2342d ago

UGH... and I really wanted this collector's edition too. I doubt Amazon/Bestbuy, etc are going with the suggested price either :S

LoneWolf0192342d ago

Everywhre will be the same price not just gamestop. March is going to kill my wallet thats for sure D: