Hey Valve Whats Going On Eh

Valve have created themselves an interesting situation. Presenting themselves as bastions of consumers, remarkably accessible to gamers, regularly inviting in groups of modders – often to give them jobs – and always being present to offer a quote on how customers deserve to be treated with more dignity, they establish themselves as being our friend. And then from that position, they sure do like to muck about. And as Eurogamer's Tom "Tom Bramwell" Bramwell mentioned on Twitter this morning, it's hard not to sympathise with a growing body of Valve's customers who are asking for better communication.

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jeremyKX2227d ago

A big question that hasn't been asked is why isn't Valve releasing Dota 2 yet or at least announcing a date. It has been in beta for a long time and is in great shape. Seems odd they don't have a release date yet