Ten Video Game Foods We Wanna Eat

GameInformer: From power-ups to health recovery, food plays a huge role in video games. Fortunately for you, we sat down to come up with something original for you to read today on an empty stomach. Like a starving chump in a grocery store, we raided gaming’s cupboards to bring out a list of unique digital delicacies we’d love to sample.

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TheMutator2222d ago

i want liqua from skies of arcadia , i dont know what the hell is that but sound good!!!

beastgamer2222d ago

i want to eat a snake.
damn you SNAKE! and your Methods!
that screaming cost me a lot of my energy, time for me to eat another sn........
O_o SNAKE!!!!

brodychet2222d ago

I want rare candies from pokemon.

one2thr2222d ago

I was just about to say that lol

Kur02222d ago

They are really running out of ideas...

Lord_Sloth2221d ago

Actually I'd say this list is a refreshing change of pace.

ReservoirDog3162222d ago

Haha, this was a unique idea for a list.

If I had to pick one, I'd say the Star Bits from Super Mario Galaxy.

(That, by the way, was the best part of Mario Galaxy 1. That and the music cause it sounds like Disney level of magical)

CrimsonEngage2222d ago

This list blows ass.

Where is the sweet rolls from Skyrim?

What about Bonk atomic punch or heavies Sandvich?

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