Gamesradar: Watch NeverDead's first 10 minutes and see the PS3 and 360 versions compared in video

GR: Have you been following NeverDead? In case it's slipped under your radar of games (someone should make a website around that idea... maybe RadarGames?), it's a demon hunting actioner from Konami, developed by Rebellion Developments. And, as our videos here show, it's looking mighty promising. We've got two custom videos for you to peruse - the first is this 'first 10 minutes', captured from the PS3 version. The second is a direct-feed comparison between the two versions, showing you synced cut-scenes and same-level gameplay.

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LackTrue4K2377d ago

was the game dropping FPS?! or was that just my internet connection?

Raider692377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Again the same shit comparison!First CVG know Gamesradar,who the hell approves the same crap over and over again.The game looks like ass on either platform..full stop.

ilovemyps32377d ago

Geeez, that dog wouldn't win a beauty contest.

ChiVoLok02377d ago

I thought they had cut off Bryce's weiner when the chick said "You're not a man anymore"