In Favor of Hipster Garbage

Trevor of - "I can’t be satisfied by mainstream games, instead I only like hipster garbage, indie, artsy fartsy non-sense. Well…yeah, why shouldn’t I?"

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Lelldorianx2341d ago

Such words have never been spoken with such bravery!

Hicken2341d ago

What is with all this "hipster" talk? That word is pretty overused.

And since when does a non-"mainstream" video game title constitute a "hipster" game?

I'm just so confused about the terminology here.

That said, there's absolutely nothing wrong with preferring games that aren't the most popular things out there.

madpuppy2340d ago

I associate the word "hipster" with the Apple iPhone crowd, you know, the douche-nozzles that hang around Starbucks with horn-rimmed glasses,
black mock-turtlenecks and permanent 5:00 shadow facial hair.

hipsters tend to be shallow followers, if they are playing indie games it's because there is a paragraph about them in the "how to be a hipster" manual.