Modern Warfare 3: DLC Liberation And Piazza Pictures Leaked

Images of the Modern Warfare 3′s DLC maps Liberation and Piazza have been leaked on the internet.

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Trainz2343d ago

I cannot f*cking wait for these new maps XD
I love CoD more than sex!

WolfLeBlack2343d ago

You do realise that you've just opened yourself up the varied and inventive insults of the N4G community by posting such a comment, yes?

*puts on protective goggles* This could get ugly.

Jobesy2343d ago

@Trainz, masturbation isn't sex, but nice try.

cyborg69712343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Your doing it wrong. This game sucks. I might have to rebuy cod 2 just to be reminded of how great cod used to be.

Hey gravelord change your name to gaylord. Inb4thisisanoldbitandyouneedne wmaterial.


I already did.. sold MW3 and bought MW2 back. Never thought I would do that.

Fylus2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Trainz... I... I just can't... Even comprehend... Just... No... How?...

There's a Home Depot a couple blocks away, I'm walking there. I'm going to buy a hammer, a box of nails, an electric sander, and some oak planks.

I'm going to use the sander to grind off all the skin on the tips of my elbows, then I'm going to hammer each nail into the sides of my hip bones, then I'm going to smash the hammer into my color bone. Finally I'm going to break each plank over my face until I lose consciousness.

The above scene is a description of the emotional impact your comment had on my brain.

scrambles2343d ago

i believe that was sarcasm and reverse trolling. i am impressed sir. 7/10

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Jake_the_Dog2343d ago

I pity the fool who buys these overpriced maps.

PwnerifficOne2343d ago

The sad thing is that some people would actually line up for this POS excuse for DLC...

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