IGN: Hands-on with near-final Burnout Paradise

It's no secret that Criterion Games likes to reinvent things every time out. Though many deemed Burnout 3: Takedown to be pretty much perfection, the studio went ahead and changed a lot of things with its follow-up, Burnout Revenge. And now with Burnout Paradise, the studio has made even more sweeping changes to the design.

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MaximusPrime3750d ago

as a Burnout fan, hearing great news, previews, images, videos etc etc, makes me more anxious to play that game.

only less than 4 hours befor Demo TIMMMMMMMME!!!

MK_Red3750d ago

Same here. Can't wait.

Relcom3750d ago

The PSN is gonna go slow cause i'm sure everyones gonna download this.
I know i will.

Rythrine3750d ago

Somehow, I knew MK_Red will be here lolz. On topic, never played any Burnout before (Sorry burnout fans, GT4 took most of my racing time in the PS2) but I'll give it a try when the demo hits tomorrow here in the US. It looked good in the trailers I've downloaded so definitely looking forward for this one.

MK_Red3750d ago

Well, I'm a Burnout addict and have to be in full Burnout mode :)
Hope you try and enjoy Burnout Paradise. It will be a really incredible and mindblowing experience if previous games are any indications.

Kleptic3750d ago

this will be the first burnout game I have purchased...

a friend of mine loved the series on ps2...and we played it a lot, but I too was mostly a GT fan when it came to investing a lot of time into a racing game...and didn't dislike any of the burnout games, just never got around to purchasing them...

this sandbox gameplay stuff looks absolutely awesome though...the way you get unlocked cars, and the way online play is brought sounds awesome...can't wait now...

Rythrine3750d ago

@ MK
Thanks, man. I know this franchise and Fallout series brings you out of hiding lolz.

@ Kleptic
Same here, man. GT4 took a lot of my time. All those cars to be unlocked was addicting. I'll say I missed out a lot of great racers in my ps2 days, Burnout and Midnight Club franchises to name a few. Money was a little tight back then so sacrifices had to be made :)

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Relcom3750d ago

I have never disliked a burnout game. I'll always trust their changes until further notice, they have always done it right. Can't wait to play the demo after work.

MK_Red3750d ago

True. After Burnout 3 I couldn't possibly imagine a better racing and Burnout experience but then, they made Revenge which I've played to death and still love.

MaximusPrime3750d ago

Burnout Revenge is great fun. I played it on both PS2 and xbox 360.

I think Criterion messed up this "traffic checking". My brother disliked it thats why he prefer Burnout 3.

I personally think it is fun and funny. Especially when you "traffic checked" and took down somebody behind.

MK_Red3750d ago

I did the same and played and loved it on both PS2 and 360.
I have to disagree with you on "traffic check". I actually think it was perfect and loved it.
Sadly, it's most likly gone here and the Showtime is a mix of Crash and that mode.

Douchebaggery3750d ago

I've read somewhere that you can turn traffic check on or off the same way you can choose what type of burnout you want.

Relcom3750d ago

Traffic check is kinda cheezy but its kinda fun too. So it being optional is perfect +1 for criterion

MK_Red3750d ago

Are you sure? That would be sick and uber awesome.

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NanoGeekTech3750d ago

I wonder will it be a Multiplayer demo or single player? or maybe all of the above.

MaximusPrime3750d ago

according to criterion ( http://www.criteriongames.c...
the demo is less than 4 hrs away and online will be available. How cool is that??

Relcom3750d ago

Its a multiplayer online demo??????? If thats true that unprecedented for a demo for a console.

Skerj3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Depends on where you are, the clock says 8 hours for me :( but I got a EU store account :D and yeah the demo is MP as well from what I've heard. I'll see you guys on PSN tonight.

Relcom3750d ago

So this is realy MP? Thats the greatest thing ever. My new favorite demo if true.

Skerj3750d ago


Yup bro, Gamespy said it:

"Beyond the single-player experience, you'll also have online access within the demo. Like switching CDs while you're driving, it's distracting to hit the right button and search around, but the interface is pretty clean and easy to navigate.

You'll be able to pull up your friends lists in-game with a rightward tap on the d-pad and jump into online games just as easily. Although Xbox 360's integration tends to make friends lists fairly easy to navigate, the feature should be a godsend for PS3 owners, since friends list integration tends to come on a game-by-game basis on that console. "

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LSDARBY3750d ago

Cant wait to try the demo out.

lockload3750d ago

Yesthe demo is single player and multiplayer

MaximusPrime3750d ago

i have a feeling that it is saying 3 hours to "demo day". So i might have to wait 8 hours away for it to be in PSN store. :(

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