Did MW3 Fail? KDR Podcast 1-16-2012

On this weeks show James, Burlo and Beast talk about whether or not Call of Duty: MW3 failed or not and where the franchise is headed from here. Also, Playoff football and 2012 predictions.

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MurDocINC2100d ago

No, casual gamers fail.

papashango2100d ago

It only ever topped the steam when it dropped to 44 bucks and launch day.

Skyrims dominated it on pc since it launched

Detoxx2099d ago

COD is full of casual gamers

m-s-8-22100d ago

Nah. Even if everyone decided tomorrow that it sucked balls and stopped playing, Activision still made like $2billion off of it.

Flatbattery2100d ago

Activi$ion won't think so. So it'll more of the same this November.

gamernova2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Let the sales speak for themselves. I personally like it but even if a piece of crap sells a lot, it is still a success. For example....justin B.

bneals2100d ago

Only a gaming site could believe our even suggest that a game that made two billion dollars "failed". By that logic Apple failed in the mp3 market because it only had 90% of the mp3 player market.

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The story is too old to be commented.