Rockstar removes mention of 'next-gen consoles' from job ad

Yesterday we reported that the Grand Theft Auto developer was currently running an ad seeking environmental artists to work on an unnamed project.

Posted last year, it read: "We'd like to hear from the industry's most talented environment artists. You will be designing, building and texturing the world, have the technical knowledge to achieve great looking results and the skill to get the most from next-gen consoles."

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Trainz2195d ago

Wow next gen rockstar!
It's hard to imagine how great their games will be!

Titanz2195d ago

Especially with the Wii Upad controller.

DeadlyFire2194d ago


I don't really care much about WiiUpad.

I am interested in seeing their Next-generation debut. I wonder what game will debut on Next Generation console for them. GTA 5 maybe?

Ezio20482195d ago

Rockstar please get a 2nd trailer for GTA V!

ssb31732195d ago

I honestly cant wait for GTAV

matey2194d ago

that trailer was 4 WiiU N4G somehow think its been announced 4 360/ps3 i think its WiiU exclusive.