Genkibowl VII Was On The Disk

"Many out there are now downloading their fresh juicy DLC for Saints Row: The Third. Some of you may not have noticed how quickly it downloaded. It seems that many of us have just paid for content that was already on the disc."


With new information that has come to light, TGH have updated their post to reflect the fact that data was actually downloaded via a patch, therefore the download you pay for unlocks the patched data.

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ShadyDevil2226d ago

The content is great, but it sucks that it was already on the disc and that people have to pay for it. Should have released WITH the game.

ThichQuangDuck2226d ago

I remember when dlc used to be content you unlocked in the game by beating it on a certain difficulty, cheat codes or finding something in the map, but that was the past

Snookies122226d ago

I yearn for those days again... Oh well, now we get to PAY for cool stuff, instead of unlocking it!

BillytheAlien2226d ago

Who knows how much DLC is on the disc...the game did feel like it had less content then SR2. Hell even the map felt small

fooxy2226d ago

and that's why Ill buy it used :)for twenty bucks instead of new

Mixmoff2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Lazy journos. Oh yeah, don't bother contacting the developer and asking if it was on disc (it's not) before running something like this. It's not like its tough to talk to someone at Volition.

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