These New IPs Never Had A Chance "We've heard many people complaining about a lack of innovation within the video games industry at the moment due to a reliance on existing IPs. We've also heard publishers say that launching a new IP towards the end of a console generation is risky, because it's difficult to get noticed. That doesn't stop them from trying, but it's sad that their efforts fall flat and it means that the new IPs they try to make are often doomed to fail not long after they're announced."

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tweex2344d ago

Hint hint Activision.....

zeal0us2344d ago (Edited 2344d ago )

Im curious on how people will received Binary Domain, Inversion and Neverdead.

Hopefully they will turn out better than Shadow of the Damned sale wise.

I believe Kingdom of Amalur will sale well, Regardless February going to be a good month for video games.

mephman2344d ago

Yea, I think Kingdoms of Amalur will do pretty well. It'll probably be on-par with Final Fantasy XIII-2, if not better.

Trenta272343d ago

Inversion looks cool, but it'll probably fail. Binary and Neverdead look great, though. Irobot and a immortal? I'm in!

fozzness2344d ago

Awesome article! I do really get sad when i try to talk to people about certain games that weren't as popular as like Uncharted or Halo... and they just have never heard of it ever :S... #firstworldproblems.

ThichQuangDuck2344d ago

I am interested in Asura Wrath, Dragon's Dogma and a few other new ips. People will complain that there is no new ips while they hear new ideas and shoot them down before even giving creative ideas a chance.

BillytheAlien2343d ago

I don't know, I'm more interested in Neverdead then FF13-2

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