Gamasutra names top 5 most affecting game characters in 2007

Gamasutra writes, "Throughout this week and next, Gamasutra is presenting a year-end retrospective, discussing notable games, events, developers, and industry figures of 2007."

"The end of the year tends to be a time of reflection, and it's been said that this is one of gaming's most prolific – if not its best – years yet. 2007 has seen all kinds of evolutions on the experience of gaming, and while we perhaps haven't hit yet on that elusive formula for true emotional engagement, this year's offering feels a lot like nudging up against the boundary of everything we've previously believed games are capable of being, in terms of the ways they can affect, immerse and even permanently change us."

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MK_Red3784d ago

Kratos is the king. He should be higher.
I like the idea for number (You) but I think they should have used only Mass Effect even though the gamer (You) designs and plays the main character, it's character and effects on the world were second to none.

jinn3784d ago

Soap Mactavish (COD4)

Rice3784d ago

Kratos all the way...