Progressive Ad Features Sonic the Hedgehog; Uses Wrong Music - The ad features the invincibility/Super Sonic music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but as you can see, Sonic is clearly not invincible nor is he very super. It's a nice case of grabbing stock media and misunderstanding where to put it.

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Magnus2347d ago

Shame he dosen't speak in the ad

gamerben2346d ago

I think I can safely say I would rather be without Sonic's annoying voice...

Euthanasia782346d ago

Wrong music? I hear different music for a commercial, but not wrong music.

Reibooi2346d ago

Wrong music? I don't really think they cared. They wanted a Sonic song and they probably wanted one that was faster paced then most because he is running around really quickly and the song they choose to use fits.

Be glad they used a Sonic song at all they could have just easily used some generic sounding cartoon music and made the ad terrible.

Lubu2346d ago

Sonic doesn't make sense for an insurance commercial. Now Sweet Tooth, that's someone that can use auto insurance.

L6RD7BLU32346d ago

%[email protected]! how is this WRONG. You hear this in sonic 3 when you turn into supersonic or when you get Invincibility, so do some more research! before you post wasteful articles.