Blu-ray vs. HD DVD battle heats up as Christmas approaches

Arstechnica writes:

"With Christmas fast approaching, movie studios, other HD content providers, and consumer electronics manufacturers are all focused on the performance of HD DVD and Blu-ray. As we've previously discussed, total sales of both HD DVD and Blu-ray movies since both standards launched in 2006 are only a tiny fraction of DVD sales. Samsung is hoping to tilt the scales in favor of Blu-ray; as of right now, Samsung's BD-P1400 Blu-ray player is selling for $279 on Amazon, down from a $499 MSRP.

That's not so much a discount as it is a steal, and it drops the BD-P1400 squarely within the price range for an HD DVD box. Unless Samsung is sitting on a mammoth heap of these things that it wants to move, I'd be surprised if the units stay in stock anywhere very long. If you've been waiting for a Blu-ray player, this definitely looks like one deal to jump on."

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Juevani3813d ago

it allways heats up and then HD DVD get outsold 5 to 1 or 6 to 1, hehe.. hate this articles..

ruibing3812d ago

Yeah, there have been way too many articles trying to make the battle between Blu Ray and HD-DVD seem well matched when, in reality, it isn't all. But then again, I don't expect CNet or anything else publishing an article about Blu Ray winning without getting a lot of backlash from the HD-DVD camp.

godofthunder103812d ago

when hd dvd players droped below $300,the br fans were laughing and saying that hd dvd lost already and that's the only reason that the hd dvd player droped below $300 and they just wanted to get them sold and br doesn't have to do that because it's winning.well i like to hear the excuse now,i like to know what br fans will say because sony droped the br player below $300 to.
i'm tired of hearing that br is the better disc because it's more expensive and the only reason that people buy hd dvd players is because they are to poor to buy the best.the truth is that the majority of people that buy br and say that br is the best are just people that bought a ps3 so they act like it's the best just because it's in the ps3.
the fact is that they both play at 1080p and the last time i checked it was the same thing no mater what it's on.the only advantage that br had over hd dvd was space but that's not true anymore,hd dvd will start releaseing their movies on a 51gb disc so now they both have the same amount of space.the best part about the 51gb hd dvd disc is that all the stand alone hd dvd players will still be able to play the new hd dvd disc.
the truth is that hd dvd had the biggest advantages over br.hd dvd had a lot more extras and it it's able to work with the fans are trying to say that people don't care for the extras just because br doesn't have any like hd dvd does,but the majority of people want and look at extras before they buy a dvd.if people don't care for extras then why do the 2 disc set of a movie sale more then the single disc set of the same movie and it about $8 more on an average.
if sony didn't think that people wanted the extras on a disc then why is sony updateing their br disc so it can do the same thing that hd dvd does now.the worse part about sony upgrading their br disc is that the people that paid $600 to a $1000 for the stand alone br players will just be stuck with them because sony already confirmed that the stand alone players now will not be able to play the new br disc.
i really don't care who wins,hell if they are in the same place they are in now next year then they both will lose and it wouldn't even bother me.the thing that i hate is reading articles from br fans saying that people that buy hd dvd are just poor people that can't buy the best,or they are just cheap skates and buy hd dvd players instead of br players because it's cheaper some br fans even say that hd dvd fans have bad eye sights and can't see the difference in pictures.the truth is that people that buy hd dvds are not poor,cheap skates or have bad eye sights like some br fans claims.the reason that people buy hd dvd is because it's the same quality as br and it's cheaper,
the only reason that br fans keep saying that br is better and critize people that buy hd dvd is because they love sony and a big majority of them don't realy care about br or hd dvd and they don't even know the difference between them.the only reason that they like br and critize the hd dvd format is because it's in the ps3 and that's a fact,hell if the ps3 had a hd dvd player in it then all the br fans would be saying the fans would be talking about how great hd dvd is and how bad br is.
like i said above,the majority of so call br fans are just br fans because a br player is in the ps3 and i think it's sad that a person will lie and critisize a format that have the exact same damn quality because it isn't sony that puts it out,hell i'm tired of hearing that microsoft owns hd dvds or they are behind the war that's going on,the truth is that microsoft doesn't own hd dvd but if they could make a little money off hd dvd then any company would do what they are doing now.
the funnies thing about all this is how sony fans critisize microsoft for making back rooms deal and try to say that sony never did things like that.well if they belive that then i'm god because there isn't one big company in the world that doesn't do buisness like that,hell if they didn't then we would've never even known their names and they wouldn't be where they are at to day.the truth is that every company does it and sony isn't the exception like people are's just the way the big buisness world is today,it's dog eat dog and they want to do the eaten not be eaten and that's a fact

whoelse3813d ago

No one can hide the fact that Blu-ray is winning and the pressure is on Warners shoulders to turn blu.

friendly user3812d ago

76:24 for BD baby.

Pirates and superbad will probably even sell better in the coming week.

Warner is definitely taking notice.

theox2g73812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

it's like 68:32, the last i checked, remember bourne just came out, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, we are winning but watch the numbers aight,
neways, that should stabilize back to 70 or higher after Bourne sales on hd dvd fluctuate, we should be hitting 80 by early 08 if BR keeps this rate up

oh yea and hd dvd doesn't have any other punchline titles coming anytime soon so expect bd pwnage, lol, why did i get a disagree? probably a toshiba tool, i used to be pro hd dvd myself but i switched boats when i realized they crossed the point of no return, best case scenario for them, it becomes a niche format and doesnt die off completely,
Check amazon bourne hd dvd did pretty good, but harry potter and pirates 3 would probably own it so it won't make a difference

oh and by the way, those of you looking for your transformers hd fix, it has been decrypted on hd dvd so just find a friend with a 360 addon and pc and have him install any hd dvd, convert to 1080p mp4, copy to your ps3 hard drive and boom, there you have it, for the meantime it will suffice, it looks beautiful on my 42", sound is pretty decent for non hd, i had to sacrifice a little bitrate for size, it was like 10gb but we have a 120gb in my roomate's ps3 so still have plenty more space

season0073812d ago

Since when people call the dropping of atomic bomb=heat up of the second world war....from every text and every article i have read, they always call it end of the second world war...same for here

it is called "end of the high def. format war"...

gamesblow3812d ago

Yup, it's sure heated up... I've already bought

Harry Potter box set
Pireates at worlds end
Die Hard box set
Robo cop
simpsons movie
Mr. Brooks

All on "GASP" BLU-RAY!!! I love the "CHOICE" of buying HD movies and having the "CHOICE" of playing them on the Ps3 or not playing them on the ps3 and playing them on my stand alone blu-ray player.

sony, rocks! Cause they didn't give us a choice!

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