CCP Games hires David Reid as chief marketing officer as Dust 514 nears launch

Gearing up for a big marketing campaign, Eve Online game publisher CCP Games has hired David Reid as its new chief marketing officer.

Reid joins the Reykjavik, Iceland-based company as it prepares to launch its biggest game in years, the first-person shooter sci-fi title Dust 514. The hire gives CCP Games some veteran marketing firepower, as Reid previous served as marketing chief for Trion Worlds, GameTap and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 business.

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BattleTorn2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

Isn't Dust514 supposed to release in July2012?

Why haven't we seen any gameplay?

Reborn2100d ago

More stuff about it is beginning to pop up. Hopefully, some gameplay isn't too far behind.

Drano2100d ago

I'm gonna orbital strike the sh*t out of that game. (Eve player here.)

metsgaming2100d ago

Near launch we haven't see anything of the game just like a few seconds !!!!!!