Sony: Content and network separates PS Vita from mobile

With the PlayStation Vita set to launch next month, Sony president and CEO Andrew House has outlined how the handheld will compete against mobile and tablet platforms that have blossomed in recent years.

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Rainstorm812376d ago

Yea it sad that they are forced to explain this, it should be obvious

darthv722376d ago

i must also throw out something vita does not represent. Convenience.

I never thought about phones when growing up playing games. There was no point because was a phone. When phone started being used for other things like messaging and surfing the web it seemed only obvious they would be tapped for the very entertainment medium I held dear. Games.

we are not talking the 2nd coming here but they also will not stay the way they are. Just as big bulky computers evolved into smaller compact laptop/netbooks and consoles evolving into smaller portable gaming systems. The phone too has evolved to try and combine both into an even smaller more convenient package.

I dont game on a phone personally but the temptation is there with each new smartphone coming out better than the last and the programing skills getting better as well.

People will poke fun at mobile gaming and say it isnt real gaming but I am reminded at people poking fun at nintendo for trying to recreate that home console experience on the go with the original gameboy.

It has to start somewhere. I will gladly take the vita without question but remain optimistic at smartphones and watch them evolve like consoles and portables did over these last many years.

MaxXAttaxX2374d ago (Edited 2374d ago )

Dude, just... no.

Phones lack proper gaming controls and immersive games(exclusive or third-party).
You can keep your "conveniently" small phones. But I'd never trade a handheld for the WEAKEST kind of gaming which is found on phones.

KeybladeMaster2376d ago

I cannot describe how excited I am to finally be able to get this device in one more month!!! The wait is agonizing.

MultiConsoleGamer2376d ago

Don't forget the best d-pad on a portable game system and two incredible analog sticks.

MasterCornholio2376d ago

Sony did say that the Vita was made for the core. So it's no surprise that a core gaming device has such a good control scheme.


eferreira2376d ago

I love my iphone but the games need buttons, makes them suck without any

Dojan1232376d ago

Agree While the IPad is great for surfing the Net and board games are fun, the virtual sticks have never felt right when trying to play any FPS. I do not care how powerful the IPad becomes, I need either a K/B or sticks to play.

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tarbis2375d ago

If they put cross platform play on many multiplayer games for both PS3 and PSV. Network gaming as we know it will go BOOM!