AMY releases on PSN today, developer calls game “hard” when it’s actually broken

Rely on Horror: "So the game is not the problem, we are?"

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GribbleGrunger2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

thank Christ this was released a week earlier on LIVE!! read the reviews before you make the biggest mistake of your gaming life

zeal0us2288d ago

These need to take a lesson from the Hydrophobia dev and just fix the darn game.

EmperorDalek2287d ago

I got Hydrophobia from PS+ recently.... and you couldn't even pay me to beat it.

-Mika-2288d ago

I think this game is getting too much hate. The game is $10 which really good and us gamers always complaining about games being easy. Now when a game try to appeal to those type of gamers. They want to call it broken. This is a trial and error game. That why there a lack of checkpoints and hud. They wanted to make a game to appeal to the hardcore gamers and now you guys hate it.

I think most of you hardcore gamers gotten to used to games holding your hand. I know im buying this later today and im going to enjoy every single second of it. Hopefully other hardcore gamers will agree with me and buythe game.

WolfLeBlack2288d ago

Put it this way, I love my difficult games to the point where even Dark Souls struggled to keep me satisfied. Amy is a very easy game. It's things like poor hit detection, Amy not listening, inconsistant rules and more that make it "hard" to play.

That's just my view, but it's pretty much what I said in the review I had to write for it. You'll also note that the majority if comments aren't moaning about it being hard, in fact most of them are in support of the concept of it being hard but agree that it's actually an easy game and that it is simply poor design that makes it "hard".

Trial and error gameplay doesn't make something hard, because reloading checkpoints and trying several different things to progress is not challenging, it's just boring. Now, failing to make it through a section because you simply weren't able to fight that zombie, or because you weren't quite quick enough, that's challenging. Failing the section because your crowbar passed through the zombies head and the dodge didn't work, or because a zombie spotted you through a wall, that's just daft.

LightofDarkness2288d ago

Broken collision detection is not a "feature" or a way to increase difficulty, it's a technical fault. The sign of a broken, poorly designed and presented game. It is also the sign of a rushed and unfinished/untested game.

Jobesy2287d ago

@ -Mika-, I kind of agree with you. On PSN this game is getting good ratings, and you cannot rate the game without a purchase. This tells me people who BOUGHT it are enjoying it. Too many people who haven't played it are bashing it.

Pozzle2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Clunky controls, collision detection issues, a shitty checkpoint system and a stupid item erasure of KEY ITEMS (thus forcing you to reset the game) isn't "difficulty". It's a broken game.

I thought I'd give Amy a try despite the bad reviews, because I love survival-horror, and I'm usually VERY lenient when it comes to enjoying games...some of my favorite horror games have only gotten average review scores. But the reviews for Amy are 100% right. This isn't a difficult, genuinely challenging game. It's a frustrating mess with technical issues that survival-horror games from the PSone era had! I constantly find myself getting Game Over because Lana gets stuck on random debris on the ground and can't move, or because the controls refuse to work as effectively as I want them to, or because the stupid item system has erased itself which forces me to reset the game and backtrack a couple of hours to pick up those items again. It's just...horribly frustrating. And not in a good way.

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MrGunny942288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

The problem is... this days, games are so easy to beat, and i really like a challenge.... I'm picking up Amy today for LIVE.. and see how it goes... if it's broken it will get fixed.. just give some times to these guys fix the problems, remember that there isn't a huge Publisher behind and they're not sitting in millions....

EDIT: I didn't picked up yet.. but i hope there isn't any problems with story to continue

Dark_Overlord2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

May I recommend VVVVVV if you like hard games :)

TheDivine2287d ago

I just got vvvvvv on the 3ds, game is amazing. I highly recommend it also.

Amy looked good from the 20 minute walkthrough i saw. Its a 10 dollar game people. Its compitition is indy games and downloadable titles not full retail games. The graphics are amazing for a psn title and the story seemed interesting. I havnt played it and it might suck balls but i wont bash it until i try it. Only thing that seemed off to me from the vid is the voice overs, pretty darn bad.

fooxy2287d ago

Exactly ! Do you think publisher is gonna spend money on them sitting for weeks trying to fix whatever they can or cannot especially when game already received horrifying reviews ? Nope !

admiralvic2287d ago

You have no conceptualization of marketing do you? Vectorcell is either going to A) Make a new game or B) Go out of business. If they make a new game what they did with Amy is going to haunt them... so the SECOND someone who recalls this sees vectorcell its going to be something like...

Hyped their game an almost laughable amount.
Game got low review scores.
Everyone agrees they can't code.
Didn't fix the problems.
= No buy

Reviews can always post an updated review based off an update and they can always fix their problems so people don't think they're THAT BAD. You don't get sales selling a poor game and screwing over your buyers.

Venjense2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The difference between hard and broken games is that when you die/get injured in hard games, it's your fault, in broken games death or injury couldn't have been avoided.