PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS Will 'Make Some Noise' This Year

2012 might not be a console launch year, but it does mark the start of the next-generation handheld race. This year might be particularly important, as both Sony and Nintendo have pushed two rather impressive pieces of technology out for the masses. That race might even be rather significant, says analyst firm International Data Corporation.

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ps3dude442225d ago

and that noise would be squealing

donniebaseball2225d ago

I think iPhones and tablets do have an impact on dedicated handhelds, but it's not as big a deal as so many have been saying.

fluffydelusions2225d ago

I think phones and tablet gaming will only impact a certain (casual) audience.

dark-hollow2225d ago

Its not about casual or not.
People these days are looking more bang for the buck.
Serious gamers would go with handhelds but basically everything else can be done better on a smartphone/tablet.

No strong apps market, lackluster web browsers can be an issue.

If sony could later release a vita phone running android then belive me it salea gonna top the roof.

GribbleGrunger2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

and once the cacophony of farts from the vacuous assholes on gaming sites stops we'll be able to hear it

DonaldBeck2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

what games do 3ds got?

edit: you have been helpful to me sir, have a bubble.

ps3dude442225d ago

the 3ds has really good games, like ocarina of time 3d the new resident evil ect. im enjoying mine, and i will soon be loving my vita.

Half-Mafia2225d ago

I wonder what Sony's forecast is for the Vita in its first year. The Vita should beable to sell 8-9m

metsgaming2225d ago

probably slightly better than what the psp did, what ever that number was.

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