PlayStation Vita Fighting Game Report

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Although Sony's PlayStation Vita doesn't appear in the U.S. and Europe until February 22, the machine already has a handful of fighting games on the way, titles that give players a chance to throw down with friends in the same room via Wi-Fi or square off against anyone from around the world online.

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Snookies122348d ago

Blazblue CS Extend for the win here. Not saying the other games aren't good or even great! Loved some MvC3, but Blaz has sooooo much in one little package it's crazy. Every character plays completely different in every aspect. Tons of color schemes for characters, amazing fast paced battles, online play, saving replays, and a fleshed out (albeit slightly confusing at times for newcomers) story which also includes the entire first game's story mode.

tarbis2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Don't know if I'm gonna get SF x Tekken. Knowing Crapom, they'll pull an Ultimate SF x Tekken on us.