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Trendy Gamers: Morality choices are increasingly popular devices in modern games. The light or dark side of the force, good or evil, drowning this kitten or giving it to the kindly old lady. From Star Wars: KOTOR through to InFamous (and its sequel) most action-RPG games in recent years have some kind of mechanic whereby you can choose to either do something benevolent or nasty. Unfortunately, these choices are often so heavily signposted that it feels clumsy, or you have no idea that you’re actually causing game-wide genocide because you didn’t ask a random NPC for some sugar in your tea. Thankfully, in EvilQuest, such choices are redundant. You are Galvis, and you are Evil.

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BootHammer2374d ago

This looks like some straight up old school fun! I'll have to check out EvilQuest ;) This one would have slipped past my radar.

alexhumpage2373d ago

It's a lovely little game. In fact I challenge you to find almost anything else this good - game or otherwise - for this price! Be warned though, if you don't revel in immaturity you may get quite annoyed.