Is This the Comeback for the Def Jam fighting titles?

Def Jam Vendetta and Def Jam Fight for New York was and will always be a fan favorite arcade fighting game. Unfortunately, the next-gen sequel Def Jam Icon, was a failed attempt to repeat the success of the previous titles. It has been 5 years since any discussions about about further works with future titles. Then a mysterious trailer comes out of no where.
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Tonester9252406d ago

Yea, Def Jam Fight for New York is still one of my favorite games. This trailer gives me hope the franchise can make a comeback.

Cosmit2405d ago

Yeah Fight For New York is my favorite one.

Pintheshadows2405d ago

Icon was a bit poo but Fight for New York was amazing.

Skate-AK2405d ago

Wow that was an awesome trailer. Old though 11 months. Would think that we would hear more about it now.

Tonester9252405d ago

I know! I was wondering why there isn't any news about it anywhere.