AMY Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the lowest scoring review of all-time:

"Know what I ought to do one of these days? I ought to write an editorial that talks about signs that indicate when you’re playing a really bad game. You know, the little indicators that should warn you well in advance whether something’s going to absolutely suck or not. And the first place I’m going to turn when I need such a check list? Well, there’s only one stop I need to make – and that’s AMY."

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Queefy_B2254d ago

wow thats the lowest score i have seen in some time.. probably one of the only times i have let reviews decide a purchase.

MariaHelFutura2254d ago

Lol. All the scores are like this. The only one I've seen over 3, was a 9.2.

metsgaming2254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

and this game was said to be amazing ahahahaha

the devs must have known what was going to happen

ilovemyps32254d ago

the guys from that studio must be hiding in amazonian jungle.

or maybe they have been hired by red dead redemption studio, as a punishment...

kreate2254d ago

Even planetxbox turned his back on Amy. I guess ill just youtube it.