What Max Payne 3's Delay Means For GTA V

GameInformer- Max Payne 3's delay announcement this morning can only mean one thing: Take-Two wants to own the month of May. But where does this leave Grand Theft Auto V?

This much is clear, history shows Take-Two likes to release its big games in May, and Grand Theft Auto V is its biggest game ever. A release for GTA V this year still seems likely, but don’t be surprised to see it slip to May 2013.

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Prcko2105d ago

GTA V won't come in 2012 for sure now!
and that sucks

MrBeatdown2105d ago

I don't see why this eliminates the possibility of GTA5 releasing this year. If it's ready to go this year, they aren't going to delay their biggest game into 2013.

If it was going to originally release in May, it will probably release in the fall. If it was going to release in the fall all along, there is no reason for them to change their plan.

Hanif-8762105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

I don't think it will be releasing this year either. Hopefully, the new True Crime will be releasing this year to get my open world fix at least to hold me over until GTA V.

IRetrouk2105d ago

true crime was cancelled, months ago

Jamzluminati2105d ago

What does this have to do with GTA V not coming out in the fall of this year.

LOGICWINS2105d ago

Good. More dev time = better game

SSKILLZ2105d ago

True but there is mothing we can do so, we wait.

By the way they should have a side mission with lazlow from chatter box x)

Hanif-8762105d ago

I have no problem waiting if both console ports look 99.9% equal and not a blurry mess that was GTA IV.

LOGICWINS2105d ago

^^I can play other games while I wait.

chaldo2105d ago

I am thinking holiday 2013 :/

unknownhero11232105d ago

nah, more than likely april 2013 at the lastest.

koh2105d ago

...or May (like RDR, LA Noire and MP3)

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The story is too old to be commented.