Amy not bad, just hard, say devs

Developers of slammed survival horror title Amy have suggested that the game’s negative reception is because of the game’s difficulty, not because of its quality.

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Run_bare2256d ago

I'm sorry, it's not about hard, I welcome hard, "AMY" is just bad, this game giving me headache in the first 20 minutes.

MAJ0R2256d ago

they really are pathetic, I mean they are saying that it's getting bad reviews because it's hard?? Dark Souls says hello

Nitrowolf22256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I feel like there is just something terrible with this statement. So the game is hard?

"recommend the non-hard core gamers to launch the game in EASY mode "

I mean lets be real here. Not many reviewers actually review a game they are playing on the hardest difficulty. Normally they would do normal or easy just so they can meet their own target review date.

I'm not one to trust in reviews, but after seeing that onslaught of low scores and some more footage of then game, I can conclude that this game is utter crap.

zeal0us2256d ago

This remind me of the hydrophobia devs back when hydrophobia first came out.....well at least they took the time to fix their game.

MariaHelFutura2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )


Exactly, the sad thing is most reviewers play games on easy. These guys should just stop making games and setup a lemonade stand or something.

PirateThom2256d ago


I got the "fixed" version on PSN... via PS+... and, honestly, if that game was broken before it must have been in a right state. Truly awful.

admiralvic2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )


Demon/Dark Souls are just an exception... the game got a lot of good press for being "impossible" and before long became a "hardcore" choice. There were plenty of other games that WERE hard and got low scores because of it.

Look at Spelunker HD which is a brutal platformer that requires you to understand the game over rush everything. Mind you this also got the PSN award as best downloadable game in 2009 too...


"Death is literally everywhere, with every tiny infraction resulting in petty, unnecessary punishment - and progress requires a steely commitment bordering on the obsessive."

"I'd say you get used to it, but only in as much that a torture victim gets used to being electrocuted in the testicles after a few hours. You will make progress. Eventually. But at what cost? How important is that full head of hair to you?"

Score: 3/10


"Staying alive is anything but easy. Right from the initial second of spawning in the first level, I found myself dying because I figured out (the hard way) that you can't just jump from ledges, ropes or ladders. The little guy is so fragile that as soon as he lets go of a rope that is just slightly higher than the ground, he dies. And let me tell you, you will see him die many, many times. Like Contra had you memorizing enemy patterns, Spelunker has you memorizing level layout. A nearly invisible ditch that collapses when you step over it kills you, a falling flare that you shoot up in the air kills you, a bomb that goes off and you're not far enough from it kills you, stepping on the rails of a mine cart by accident kills you, not making a jump from rope to rope kills get the point. As if that wasn't enough, your air supply steadily decreases; it also depletes faster when you use your fan to get rid of ghosts and can only be replenished by finding air supply canisters. It wasn't until my tenth try of the first level that I actually managed to progress further down."

"It's not that I don't like tough games, but I prefer them to be challenging rather than unfair."


Playstation Magazine UK:

"The game certainly doesn't make things easy for you."


Several other of the low scores off metacritic don't have an article anymore, but almost every review mentions it's a hardcore game and it gets punished for that in almost ALL OF THEM.

Now heres the same game they're complaining about on an even harder mode than was originally included.

As you can see it definitely can get mastered and isn't in any way impossible... but several sites did mark it down for being hard and just because one super popular game got a high score doesn't mean the ones niche groups care about will get the same treatment.

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Queefy_B2256d ago

Nice try devs but you gotta hold your hands up here, the game came out of nowhere (which is always a bad sign) and it was very hard to find gameplay footage around release ( i wonder why? ) and even previewing the game on psn store shows clips from fmv,s... nothing like what the game is...

CarlitoBrigante2256d ago

"hard" What a silly excuse! The game is just BAD! It looks and plays horrible! Never have I seen so much screentearing!

Also the fact that they went from PS3 exclusive to multiplatform and charging us PSN users more is pathetic to say the least.

metsgaming2256d ago

Just look at the videos, its bad.

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