Top 5 games you must buy next month

With February looking like a solid month for gamers no matter what console platform is your preference, here's a list of five must have games.

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RaidensRising2375d ago

Deffo getting MGS HD and SoulCalibur V. The others I will wait for a price drop as I've still got some of 2011 games to catch up on.

Queefy_B2375d ago

Got mgs hd so the only thing im buying in Feb is the VITA.

bunt-custardly2375d ago

MGS HD, for sure. I'll wait until it drops to like £10 like all HD collections seem to drop to shortly after release.

Sanetoshi2375d ago

Got MGS HD last week myself and am working my way through it. Definitely a good purchase.

Of the others listed, I think the main one that falls into my area of interest is Kingdoms of Amular, which I haven't paid much attention to for some reason. I should probably look into it.

Gearshead752375d ago

Amular looks amazing...I was holding out for Skyrim, but looks like I'm just going to pick this up instead.

Tagcollector72375d ago

K of A is tops on my list!

LoLZoRz2375d ago

i'm only waiting for SSX which is coming out 28th in America, but we europeans must wait till march 2nd. :/

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The story is too old to be commented.