Is Gaming Becoming a Gimmick?

Over the past ten years gaming has grown and changed into ways that can fit almost every person’s life. In today’s gaming society there is a vast variety of the way we game available such as swinging your arm around while playing the Wii or moving around the room in hopes the Kinect’s eye see’s your movements correctly. With all these different options available I can still proudly say that holding a controller is where gaming is most enjoyable and comfortable...

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TheSuperior 2191d ago

I sure hope the future doesnt take controller's away from us. gaming is really the only true way i find to relax and i dont consider jumping around my room relaxing...

ps3dude442191d ago

yeah i know what you mean, certain motion gimmicks out there are simply a marketing tool to hook the bait and reel them in. but there are also hardcore motion control products out there that cater to the hardcore crowd and has 1.1 accuracy and such, those should be accepted as moving forward and providing the industry with a more advanced product.

darthv722191d ago

gaming has long been considered a gimmick. It wasnt really taken seriously until the PS2 but some will argue that it was before then.

The PS2 bridged that gap of gaming and media player. People who never had a game console (or since the old days of pong/2600) bought into the PS2 because it offered more than just mindless entertainment in the form of games. It offered mindless entertainment in movies as well.

The wii-fad as many like to call it is an extension of that same idea. Create a platform that people who didnt game before can find entertainment value in. From simplistic pick up and play to full on get up and play. Kinect is the next step up the same ladder.

The overall intent for any platform company is to create an experience that the person would want to enjoy. We have played games the same way for roughly 30 years and something comes along to change that and people feel threatened.

Trust me, it will be some time before we have the full holodeck experience so traditional gaming will still exist for some time. It can coexist with motion controls to make a more immersive experience. The whole flailing about exaggeration has been so overblown.

Majin-vegeta2191d ago

I find jumping around in your room funny xD.

OT:I hope controllers stay here forever i can't play a damn game without me personally giving it commands.

ps3dude442191d ago

yeah controllers need to stay.

MariaHelFutura2191d ago

Gaming is going through a Mid-Life crisis.

Godmars2902191d ago

Since the Wii? The DS? Of course it has. Pity that MS and Sony, especially MS with the "change gaming forever" campaign, jumped on the bandwagon.

PopRocks3592191d ago

Brought in a lot of new gamers though. And new ways to play.

Bathyj2191d ago

It brought in a lot of new gamers who previously didnt play games.

I dont see why people think thats a good thing.

Sure, if you're a console manufacturer, the more the merrier, no matter who they are.

But if youre the key demographic for a product, then all of a sudden the company who makes it dont care about you anymore because their focus has shifted to different things, then youre not going to be getting the same standard of product anymore.

TheGrimBunny2191d ago

I just think games use gimicks.

Shok2191d ago

Sigh.....a gimmick isn't even a BAD thing. These current-generation gamers just decided to give the word a negative connotation so they could slam the Wii and other things like Kinect.

A gimmick is simply a selling point to something. A focal point that someone tries to sell their product off of.

The blu-ray drive in the PS3 could be considered a gimmick, as that's one of that main advertised selling points of the PS3.

A gimmick in no way implies that something is "bad" or doesn't work.

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