PlayStation 4: What Sony Should and Shouldn't Do

Sony has made it pretty clear: The PlayStation 4 will not be a topic of discussion at this year's E3.

That's taken the wind out of the sails of the rumor mill, but just because the system won't be introduced at this point doesn't mean work isn't already underway. Whether it bows in 2013, 2014 or even later, Sony's going to have to work hard to top the features of the PS3. As we did last month with the next generation Xbox, we've got a few humble suggestions about what Sony should – and shouldn't – do with its next console.

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donniebaseball2290d ago

Totally agree on the point about pricing. I would hope they learned their lesson with PS3. Launching at $599 is like committing suicide.

MariaHelFutura2290d ago

But they are still alive....


I think the recession along w/ the price tag hurt them more than anything. HDTVs and BR would have be adopted faster which would have help out them out more than anyone. With that said, I don't think it'll be as expensive this time. $450-$499 would be my guess.

Kleptic2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

all I know is that personally...i don't want that to happen again...

The PS3 pushed 2 different things at once, at least aside from games...

it plastered HD all over everything, indicating it needed an HDTV to get the most out of it...and pushed BD as a format, which also needed an HDTV to have any advantage...

and it did a considerable job for those 'other' things...but now I want the PS4 to settle down and absolutely nail everything together...They set up a great free to play online service, but one not without its quirks...fix set up household HD gaming, at least from a PR standpoint, much more than the 360...and sort of got that down too...

but what i'm saying is that I want the PS4 to basically have every single game 1080p at 60fps minimum...make that some sort of standard or something to make a game for the PS4...the hardware to do that is dirt cheap now...I want them to use similar hardware architecture, as developers have finally started to get their heads around parallel processing and everything...hopefully they don't go and radically change the way you write code for it, which was the case for the PS3...

I think what I'm really saying is that I truly want a PS3.5...more memory, higher bandwidth, better at doing full HD...all the new new crap that requires ANOTHER new motion control gimmicky bs that people only care about for a few months...get the OS stream-lined and unified to do all the things we were told the PS3 would do...keep blu ray, as its storage is still more than enough...and it will keep the console cheaper...

I'd gladly pay around $400 or so for something that could do that...the ps3 was the first time Sony tried to go the horsepower route...and while it continues to be successful, its completely different than walking away with each generation they entered before...

steve30x2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

WOW! So they should have launched it at $250 and go bankrupt? They were selling the PS3 at a loss and still you complain about the price.

Some of you guys have no clue

ps3dude442290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

thats true steve30x

Persistantthug2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

People weren't getting their money's worth in technology....

But clearly, $600 was too much to ask the general consumer for a gaming machine.

Personally, for me, it wasn't until they announced PS3's were going to be $400 that I began my plans at seriously buying a PS3 in 2008.

There's just a point where too much is simply TOO MUCH, And $600 was definitely it.

bergoo2290d ago

They have to find the right median of price and tech. It was $600 because of the hardware inside.
I'd be willing to take a cut in hardware power in return for a cheaper price.

Jobesy2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

@donniebaseball, would you rather have Sony release a POS like MS did with the 360 with no BR player, no hdd, no wireless internet and major hardware failure rate? The PS3 priced was high for a reason. They gave us quality hardware and didn't nickel and dime us on essentials. I for one was and am happy to pay for what I got.

That said, if Sony keeps a BR player in PS4, that alone should keep costs down, but more RAM and a new cell might drive up the price a bit. I say $399 which seems reasonable.

edgeofblade2290d ago

Not suicide. Not even close. That's fanboy logic there.

Their price point made it difficult at least, and they are thriving... but at a lower level than they expected. At a minimum, they made an uphill battle for themselves.

I'm primarily a 360 gamer, and depending on who you ask I'm an Xbot. But I would say Sony is by no means a failure this generation. They made outright mistakes, miscalculations, and had plagues visited upon them from outside forces. But they hardly committed suicide.

FACTUAL evidence2290d ago

Well TBH all I want to see on ps4 is:

-Built in offline accounts, so you can still see your trophy level, and how many trophies you actually have.

-All games support custom soundtracks

-Voice messaging

-multi account log in

-offline account management, so you can see purchased avi's you bought and change your avatar anytime on your offline account

-charge peripherals on standby mode

-Psn Id change

-X game chat/party room (95% sure it'll be on ps4)

-One button notifications.

There's a lot on my list, but honestly the ps3 should be on the ball on doing majority of this.....Some I've stated could be done for psn. I think they just need to rebuild psn via FW and start by giving everyone a unique ID number so we could change our ID's. If sony does not have this stuff next gen I'm done. There's no excuse.

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ps3dude442290d ago

keep providing great/reliable hardware
keep providing the best graphics for consoles
keep providing free online
keep providing a whole ocean of amazing exclusive games.
and keep kicking butt.

GamingTruth2290d ago

keep providing the best graphics period

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steve30x2290d ago

I think Microsoft and Sony should make a joint console and stop with all the bickering between fans.

2290d ago
MariaHelFutura2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

That would be a bad/unfair relationship. Sony would produce everything (they own the studios and produce better more reliable hardware) and MS would handle the marketing. IMO , Sony should just hire people from MS advert division.

Edit: below

MS has like 3 or 4 studios, Sony has over 20. I don't understand what MS would bring to the table asides from what I mentioned. Sony and Nintendo is a better partnership. Nintendo has over 20 studios aswell, together they would have close to 50 studios producing exclusive games. That's a partnership!!!! Don't get me wrong, I own a 360. MS just has nothing to offer them aside from (again) what I mentioned.

edgeofblade2290d ago

Sad that people act the way these other commenters act. Yes, I think Microsoft and Sony could make a great console together, as long as all the fanboys got the f**k over themselves......

.....oh, silly me... that's never going to happen.

trenso2290d ago

No, just no that would make it unbalanced in the console market with no competition between the two. Seeing as nintendos hardware isn't as good the other two systems. I think it would create some sort of monopoly plus then MS would try and stamp that annual fee to the online of the joint console. It would be a bad a Idea IMO.

j-blaze2290d ago

i agree with you steve, let those disgusting fanbois hate all they want!

i really hope Sony and MS collaborate to make the next gen console

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yokokoroma2290d ago

While one would hope the PS4 launches with a lower price point than the PS3, it's not realistic. I mean, why would SONY sell a console, that (should) surpasses it's predecessor, for LESS than they sold it's predecessor? The PS4 will launch with a high price point, it's only logical that it would! The same scenario applies to the PS4 that applied to the PS3,

venomcarnage892290d ago

That the PS4 would launch with a higher price point than the PS3 launched with...

I understand where you're coming from with your "logic" but you fail to take into account that Blu Ray was brand new and the Cell Processor was just as new when PS3 launched. Then you must think about how much cheaper Blu Ray has gotten overall, and how Sony owns the Cell Processor tech and factory now, and decreased the size of the chips, etc, and see just how much cheaper everything has gotten that made the PS3 have a high price point to begin with. Now put that into the equation and see that even with an upgraded cell and possibly bigger Blu Ray discs(simply assuming they use each in the PS4,)it will be even cheaper to manufacture the PS4 than it was to manufacture the PS3 in the beginning.

Not to mention you also forget that PC parts get more advanced and cheaper as time goes on, so even more RAM costs less than it did in 2006, bigger HDD's are cheaper than in 2006, etc. They can essentially upgrade everything for even cheaper than they did when the PS3 launched, depending on how much they upgrade, and I don't see the PS4 leaping as far forward, tech wise, that the PS3 did from the PS2.

All these things are contradictory to you're logic that the PS4 HAS to be more expensive than the launch PS3 just because its an upgrade in tech... they can make it more powerful, for less money than the launch PS3 cost to produce. My guess is the PS4 will launch at $349 to $399.

DebateMaster2290d ago

You must fail at business. Just because the ps3 launched at 599 doesn't mean the ps4 cant be less.

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