Want to capture your own gameplay footage? Hauppauge is the company for you

Capturing your own gameplay footage is no longer an expensive, complicated affair. GamesBeat interviewed Hauppauge about their HD-PVR Gaming Edition to find out more.

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Vladplaya2376d ago

Capturing gameplay on PC: Get FRAPS for 37 bucks, install it, press Record key, you are recording your gameplay. PC, consider it bros.

h311rais3r2376d ago

Or use free fraps. That works too

morkendo232376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

I also capture my gaming gameplay for years with 8mm camcorder, dvd camcorder started with ps1,ps2 last month recorded criterions HOTPURSUIT. study the video to improve my skills on NFS

Bereaver2376d ago

It won't matter much if SOPA is passed. Wouldn't be able to put it online anywhere.

h311rais3r2376d ago

Wouldn't be able to put anything anywhere cuz every social site would shut down