New Apps now available for Xbox LIVE Members

Building upon an our catalog of live and on-demand TV shows, movies, sports and music and continuing to deliver locally relevant content to Xbox LIVE members around the globe, the following apps will be available* in various regions on Xbox LIVE starting today:

Astral Media’s Disney XD (Astral Media). Canada
Mediathek/ZDF (ZDF). Germany
Real Sports (Maple Leaf Sports). Canada

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Valenka2286d ago

Who can even access Xbox Live, I'd like to know, with all the nonsense going on right now.

Septic2286d ago

Eh? What nonsense. It's working fine.

Godmars2902286d ago

Not if you're in Europe with Virgin as your ISP provider apparently.

gamingdroid2286d ago

So is it an ISP problem or a Xbox Live problem?

I have no problems accessing Xbox Live myself, and the status page shows all services are operational...

DiRtY2286d ago

Working fine in germany. Just like all the trash talk about xbox live, this is copy paste stuff on n4g.

GraveLord2286d ago

...for a monthly fee. Don't forget these apps are not free not event to Gold members.

Godmars2902286d ago

"Free access in addition to standard Gold XBL service" if you want to get technical about it. With MS offering previews to Silver accounts now and then to let them see what they're missing as second class customers.

gamingdroid2286d ago

Some of them are some them aren't. Most of the ones I used so far are all free.

The only one I remember seeing a fee for is Epix, Hulu and Netflix. That said, you have to pay to use those features even if you use it on a PC or any other device for that matter.....

krazykombatant2286d ago

ehhh i'm fed up with Xbox Live.... Why do i have to pay to pay online, ohh if I had only known that multiplayer would be soo big this gen, I would have gone with the ps3.

I'm fed up with having to pay to go on my on broadband which I ALREADY PAY FOR!

etownthree2286d ago

6 years later and kids are still crying over this??

Get over it, or just sell your 360 and get a PS3.

krazykombatant2285d ago

yeah i am i still regret having to pay for online, which is why I only get it every couple of months.

No point in getting a ps3 at this point either

ZippyZapper2285d ago

How can you be "fed up" paying for Xbox Live when you down't own a 360?

urwifeminder2286d ago

Keep the fun rolling ms just awesome.

AngelicIceDiamond2284d ago

Hope you guys can hold you're breath cuzz we're swimming in apps.