Starting Down the Path of PC Gaming "It’s happened. I’ve become a PC gamer. My consoles have not been used for gaming in nearly a month and it’s all Star Wars: The Old Republic’s fault."

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kube002317d ago

Oh no come to the dark side

pangitkqb2317d ago

I'm a convert to PC gaming and I'm loving it.

I still love my consoles, but my PC is quite enchanting lately.

decrypt2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Exclusive PC gamer since 1995, gave PS2 a chance but it failed to impress me, stuck to PC gaming and never looked back.


So what will you do then when consoles actually support 1080p next gen? gonna stop playing, i bet you'd be praising it instead by then :P

2317d ago
reynod2317d ago


Killzone 3 is 720p, while GT5 isnt full 1080p. Killzone is extremely linear, it has muddy textures and very little AA, by console standards that may be good however it will get blown by any multiplat shooter running on PC.

GT5 again is not Full 1080p. Also that game doesnt look good at all, a 4 year old game like Grid running on PC looks better.

GamingTruth2317d ago

hey reynod, i can see how pc gamers eyes think such things about how games looks if thats what your eyes see when you look at these games

solar2317d ago

Did that guy really say 720p is sharper for him then 1080p?! Is that now the new excuse for consoles old hardware? Hell im gonna start a petition to get sub hd movies for that reason!! .Lmao!!!

KeiserSosay47882317d ago


Really dude? Saying stuff like that is just embarrassing to Sony fans. 1080p hurts peoples eyes?!?!!

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ATi_Elite2317d ago

I've been an Exclusive PC Gamer since 2004!

I was gaming on consoles and the PC up until Half Life 2 and since then I haven't left the WASD.

LightofDarkness2317d ago

I've been predominantly PC since '98. God I'm getting old :p

fluffydelusions2317d ago

I haven't touched my PS3 in sometime as well due to's just sooo addicting.

chaos-lockheart2317d ago


Even if all the games on consoles are in 1080p, it will not even beat a games graphics on the PC that are 720p, its not all about the resolution, it's also about how much polys it can blow out, consoles use techniques to make the graphics look good, instead of raw power. Console graphics are like painted background in a movie, PC are more CG backgrounds in a movie.

GamingTruth2317d ago

thats funny cause ps3 games have made more people fooled that the games on it exclusively arent cg than ive ever seen from pc

chaos-lockheart2317d ago


That's because at E3 most are console games showing, never on e3 days gamespot, ign or other game sites really talk about pc games, they mostly cover xbox 360 vs ps3, trust me i have all 4 consoles for this gen, plus PC, and PC wins graphics, ps3 has a 2 8800gtx or something like that, pc already have 580gtx cards, if killzone and uncharted was on PC, graphics will be way more mind blowing, the image will be a lot sharper, and graphics will pop out more crisp and clear with way more details. and to answer your question it's because too many fanboys trying to make themselves feel better

GamingTruth2317d ago

chaos lockheart, it would be way more mindblowing on pc but only in resolution, the graphics would look like mario for nes, pc has no cell processor

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SnakeCQC2317d ago

upgrading mobos is a pain in the ass windows 7 doesnt back up programs just personal files learnt that the hard way :( but i do know have an awesome build

SnakeCQC2317d ago

really?????? that actually is exciting lets a year from now i get a high end x79 mobo with my current w7 64 bit already installed on my hdd would i have to reinstall everything after w8 and then from now on i wouldnt have to reinstall os or is it good after upgrading to w8? i hope that made sense

Ps3-PCgamer2317d ago

Welcome to the club. My PS3 has only been used for netflix lately lol. I blame Starcraft 2

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NYC_Gamer2317d ago

welcome to the community

StankyChicken2317d ago

Battlefield 3 did it for me. My PS3 are 360 are used for the occasional exclusive game, like halo & uncharted.

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