Castlevania: The Game that Introduced Us to Horror?

GameDynamo - "My first exposure to survival-horror wasn't the movies or even literature. It was Castlevania for the original NES. This included ghouls, mummies, Medusa, and even Count Dracula. I know zombies and vampires are rampant these days in almost every medium of entertainment, but 25 years ago, I was still a horror neophyte with little exposure to the monsters of classic lore. With Castlevania's 25th anniversary having passed just a few months ago, I thought it'd be fun to go back and look at the original game from the perspective of it being one of the forerunners of survival horror gaming. Yes, everything from the ominous opening to the rigorous difficulty contributed to an atmosphere of tension and fear that haunted me as a child."

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STONEY42344d ago


^^Horror right there.

Rainstorm812344d ago

Horror? Castlevania?

I know there are many creatures of the night in the Castlevania games but its hardly a survival horror.... the author mustve been easily frightened as a child.

Even though i found this much more scary back in the