Good: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning PC demo is out now - Bad: It's available only via Origin

DSOGaming writes: "Oh boy, here we go again. We were delighted to hear that the PC version of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning would be receiving a demo. However, we didn’t know that it would be distributed, exclusively, via EA’s Origin service. So, those interested in giving a go to 38 Studios’ upcoming action RPG will have to install EA’s distribution service. We know that some of you hate Origin, so there you have it; you’ve been warned."


Article updated:

Took it a while, but Steam has also posted the demo and can be found here. We don't know why it was only available via Origin - exclusivity for a couple of hours perhaps? But who cares, right? Enjoy everyone!"

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NYC_Gamer2346d ago

well,i'm not downloading the demo/buying the game since would be forced to download origin.

Neckbear2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

http:/ / 2500/

There, it's on Steam. With TF2 hats and everything. Now you've got no excuse.

Edit: By the way, I had to put a space in the middle of the link because, otherwise, it wouldn't let me post.

NYC_Gamer2346d ago

thanks dude.i believe 38 studios made the right choice.

Julie2346d ago

YAAAAAAY it is on Steam ty very much !!! :D

wallis2346d ago

Oh well that's another game that's been painlessly euthanized by origin. I'm not buying or touching this which is a shame because it looked good but if someone behind the helm of this thing is so damn stupid they think origin is A-okay then I feel no sympathy for them.

They might as well have just released the demo with a free helping of anthrax.

fucadastates2346d ago

why are people so made that they need origin.. i remember that people was made when you needed steam to play half life 2 and other velve games.. now its a big thing if its NOT on steam..

BeaArthur2346d ago

Yeah I don't get it either. If you want to play the game, play the game.

Julie2346d ago

every time i hear or read Origins i get shivers and nightmares :(

But hey i just saw it on Steam ty Neckbear! downloading now! i am so happy :D

Julie2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Steam is a serious place , Origins scams people and steals money, they stole 40 bucks from me. Origins is a shaddy place just visit the forums on EA , a lot of people having serious issues in there.

Too bad ... i really wanted to buy this game but from Origins i won't :(

BeaArthur2346d ago

But this is just a demo, you don't have to buy anything.

fucadastates2345d ago

@julie, do you remember the early days on steam.. it was a mess..

in 2 years origin WILL be a bigger player in the pcmarked

Ravenhoe2346d ago

So what, nobody complains about Steam or GOG ? Would you do it differently if you would be working for/at EA ? I get something, so I am willing to accept their terms, it's their product after all and I am free to decide not to play it as much as they are free to decide how to distribute it.

As far as the demo is concerned, I am a Day 1-Buyer anyway so I wont' spoilt it.

Julie2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

On Steam you buy something and you get instantly what you bought , with a mail and details. On origins you buy something you have no idea what you did and the game/points can take months to get processed or just gets never processed :(

Your credit card gets rejected for no reason , then accepted, customer support doesn't work. There is NO info on the store about anything. Should i go on?

Edit: sorry if i sound a bit angry but my experience with Origins was a real nightmare :(

Dark112346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

"Bad: It's available only via Origin"
how is that bad?
oh silly me it is OK for valve to NOT release their games on origin but when EA do the same and support origin
people bitch about it

LightofDarkness2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Origin's interface is nowhere NEAR as polished or accessible as Steam's and is laden with bugs; its content servers are also much slower.

So there's that.

@below: Steam was launched in 2003, before anyone knew how the hell an interface like Steam should or would look. It is 2012, EA Store/Origin has been around for over 2 years and it's still eons behind Steam. And it doesn't really matter that Steam was worse way back in '03, if your main competitor is that much better than you, it would be in your best interests to keep up. And a company with EA's size and resources should have NO problem getting the service to the level of Steam, but they just can't be bothered. And what's most irritating of all is that they force their customers to use this neglected and ineffective platform out of spite.

Oh, and simply switching the topic to Steam is not a good defense, it's just being childish. Defend against what I said, not something that is more or less inconsequential.

Dark112346d ago

Steam was worst when it first launched.

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