Straight lines: Final Fantasy XIII and inefficiency

Nightmare Mode takes another look at Final Fantasy XIII after letting the dust of its original release settle and finds a game that still startles with its ridiculous amount of wasted potential. They also give a look at whether this potential will be squandered or realized by its sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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The only good things I like about this game are the battle system (but surprisingly, I got tired of it in the FFXIII-2 demo) and Leona Lewis' My Hands OST. The story was too convenient. The guy said it himself, they were fugitives on the run, so Square had an excuse not to include towns. Well in my book, fugitives can wear a disguise, and they do, to blend in a crowd. The story was also all too convenient because the l'cie/fal'cie "branding" already shoved the characters the reason to be together.

Yes, FFX was also linear, but it had so much content and game variations in it that made the game worth your time. FFXIII was a concept, and I hope SE didn't take too much concept from Call of Duty (which one of the creators blatantly admitted to).

Here this: if FFX HD Remake were to come out on the same day FFXIII would come out, I would go with FFX any day!