Understanding the "other": Racism in Skyrim

Skyrim promotes racism -- not out of hate but as a shortcut to make its world more believable. But where video-game limitations make racism useful, the unique opportunity to live in someone else's skin is also a powerful metaphor for understanding the "other."

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THR1LLHOUSE2195d ago

They most certainly do.


Spitfire_Riggz2195d ago

Theres that guy in that city that talks crap about dark elves, I bashed his face in

THR1LLHOUSE2195d ago

One of my favorite things about Skyrim is that it will sometimes change what characters say or how they will react to you based on race.

Something as simple as a guard saying "I've got my eyes on you, elf." despite being probably-racist (the guards are all pricks) adds so much to the realism of Skyrim as a place.

Spitfire_Riggz2195d ago

Even how you look. Like they also say things like
"light armor ey? I fancy heavy myself" or "Light armor means light on your feet, smart"

wallis2195d ago

"not out of hate but as a shortcut to make its world more believable"

It's not really a 'shortcut' it's just a facet of existence they've not ignored. We've had millenia of slaughter and genocide over having different coloured skin, so what would a freaking horn sprouting out of someone's head do for us eh?

While I find the article interesting I do think referring to the implementation of racism as a "shortcut" is an unfair and improper analysis of its place in Skyrim. It's a facet of life they've not ignored and it's an element of human behaviour they've appropriately accounted for.

bobrea2195d ago

They don't promote it. It's just something that exists that they included in the game.

Bigpappy2195d ago

Racism and homosexulity were even more prevelant in Morrowind. I love both of these games because you almost have a sense that the place is real.

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